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Starter Menu - Group A - Desserts

- Choose three (3) selections from this category -


At Sweet E's, we bake our brownies in individual pans so each serving

has it's own delicious, chewy edge ...all the way around!

Our rich and fudgy brownies come in 4 basic flavors:

Chocolate Fudge - A straight up brownie, fudgy and perfect.

Chocolate Chip - We use our Chocolate Fudge Brownie as a base and add Chocolate Chips for a double dose of chocolate.

Mocha - To our Chocolate Fudge base we add Espresso, to give it a delicious caffeinated kick!

Walnut - A delicious brownie with chopped walnuts both mixed into the batter and sprinkled on top.

Baby Bundt Cakes

Our dense, delicious pound cake that we've been using for years,

in 2 3/4" Mini Bundt size either glazed or dusted with powdered sugar.

Comes in your choice of four (4) Basic Flavors:

Vanilla Bean - We use fresh Madagascar Vanilla Beans for the best flavor.

Almond - You can't get any more classic than this flavor; it's perfection.

Chocolate- Delicious fudgy variation on our basic base; you can't go wrong with this choice if you enjoy chocolate!

Sprinkle - This is a customizable item. Made with Rainbow Sprinkles unless custom colors are requested. Choose any combination of sprinkles - up to 3 colors.

Mini Cheesecakes

Our rich and creamy graham cracker based cheesecakes in a

2" Mini version. We offer four (4) basic flavors:

Vanilla Bean - Only fresh Madagascar vanilla beans can provide the flavor we use in our signature cheesecake.

Amaretto - A classic cheesecake flavor topped with slivered almonds.

Chocolate Chip- We start with our Vanilla Bean Cheesecake and then add a truck-load of Mini Chocolate Chips to the batter to give all the 'Choco-holics' at your event their much wanted 'fix'. This is a winner!

Sprinkle - Just like the popular party cake, only in cheesecake form! Your choice of sprinkles makes this cheesecake customizable to fit your theme. Shortbread crust for this one unless chocolate cookie or graham cracker is requested.

*Most Cheesecakes topped with lightly sweetened, stabilized Whipped Cream.

'Not So Mini' Mini Cupcakes

Our 'Not So Mini' Mini Cupcakes' have a soft & tender texture;

they're topped with our mouth watering signature cupcake frosting.

Choose your cupcake(s) from our four (4) Basic Flavors...

Signature Vanilla - A basic 'yellow' vanilla cupcake; one that you can choose to 'color' to match your special event if you'd like.

Custom Color Vanilla - The same basic 'yellow' vanilla cupcake, but the benefits of this variant are that you can customize the color to match your special event.

White Almond - A basic white cupcake flavored with almond; very 'Wedding Cake'. You

can choose to 'color' this version as well.

Signature Chocolate - An absolutely amazing basic chocolate cupcake.

Signature Dark Chocolate - If you prefer a darker, more complex chocolate, then this is the version you're looking for; moist delicious and dark.

...then choose your frosting from our four (4) Basic Signature Cupcake Frostings

...or six (6) if you consider we offer one (1) Custom Color selection and

one (1) additional option that allows you to flavor and color your own selection!

Vanilla - You can never go wrong with a basic like this!

Custom Color Vanilla - The same great frosting in your color!

Almond - This is a classic Wedding Cake Flavor, especially when paired with a white almond cupcake.

Chocolate - Flavored with rich Unsweetened Chocolate it's the perfect frosting to dress up a basic chocolate cupcake!

Dark Chocolate - Just like the Dark Chocolate Cupcake, we swap out the standard chocolate in our Signature Cupcake Frosting for a rich, dark chocolate.

Your Flavor*/Color Selection - We use our basic Cupcake Frosting as a base to create the flavor/color you're looking for.

*Clear Extracts are customizable, Colored Extracts are less likely to be so; ask for a flavor to see if

we're able to produce it for you in a customized color in place of Vanilla or Almond.

**You can choose to split your 'NSM' Mini Cupcake order 50/50 between two (2)

flavors/colors if you wish with a minimum guest booking of over fifty (50).

Individual Pies

We make three (3) delicious Basic 2" personal pie flavors, all nestled into

the same 'secret' homemade crust that's been passed down through

generations of bakers in the Sweet E's family; flaky and delicious!

Apple - No store bought fillings here! Only fresh apples, cinnamon & sugar, then we go 'Dutch' with a delicious crumb topping.

Cherry - Tart cherries are the filling in this classic American Pie.

Pumpkin - Delicious pumpkin pie ...not too spicy, just right. Who says that you can only have this around Thanksgiving?! 

*Some Pies topped with lightly sweetened, stabilized Whipped Cream


Smaller than a Personal Pie but still made with our Signature Pie Crust.

We offer you four (4) flavors of delicious bite-sized Basic Tarts

...all topped with lightly sweetened, stabilized Whipped Cream.

Lemon- We make our Lemon Filling extra tangy ...because that's what lemon should be, shouldn't it?

Cherry- A delicious, sweet cherry filling in this tart!

Vanilla - Basic Vanilla Tarts - so good!

Chocolate- Basic Chocolate Tarts - 'Yang' to the Vanilla Tarts' 'Ying'.

*Tarts topped with lightly sweetened, stabilized Whipped Cream.

**You can choose to split your Basic Tart order 50/50

among flavors offered if you wish.

Petit Fours - Adorable little floral petit fours in your choice of one of our three (3) most popular flavors - Vanilla, Almond or Lemon - then glazed with a simple glaze of the the same flavor. Delicious. 

Classic Fluted Cupcakes - This is a classic fine-crumb white vanilla cupcake that we remember from our childhood, baked in a fluted tart-type pan and iced with a chocolate or vanilla 'ganache-type' icing.

Neapolitan Cake Bars- These delicious little bite sized treat bars can be sized in one of two different ways; little 3/4-inch wide bars or as little 1 1/2-inch squares. The classic combination of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry combined with their 'pop-pability' is a deadly combination!

Tiered Cookie Cakes - Thick, tender cookies layered with our Signature Cupcake Frosting in your choice of color(s); you can even add your choice of sprinkles, non-pareils or edible glitter! A very nice addition to a Wedding Dessert Buffet with a snowy, white Frosting and shimmery white or silver edible glitter.

Starter Menu - Group B - Cookies

- Choose two (2) selections from this category -

Starter Menu - Group C - Treats

- Choose two (2) selections from this category -


Standard - We use a combination of both Standard and Custom Marshmallows in all of our Marshmallow Displays; however, if you would prefer to use all Standard Marshmallows for your display, that's fine too. We'll just let you know that we offer all of our Custom Marshmallows to you at no additional cost or upgrade fee, if you're interested, read on...

Custom - We can create a custom marshmallow just for you and your special event. Like coconut? Done. Have a party that's predominantly Purple? Easy... Purple Coconut Marshmallows ...just for you! Like stated above, we'll mix them in with Standard Marshmallows because the white marshmallow/color marshmallow combination makes the Custom Marshmallows more noticeable, otherwise they just seem to get lost in themselves. Just another choice - or set of choices - we offer you!

Dipped Marshmallow Kabobs - This is a fun item; we skewer three (3) standard marshmallows then dip them in your choice of chocolate ...or candy coating if you're looking for a particular color, then we sprinkle your choice of 'Jimmies' liberally over the entire treat. Just another great selection that allows you to pull 'your colors' into the Buffet!

Chocolate/Candy Coated Pretzel Rods - We dip pretzel rods in your choice of chocolate or colored candy coating then dredge it in your choice of topping(s).

Rice Krispie Treats - Nice, basic Rice Krispie Treats! Who doesn't like these? Choose them 'standing' with skewers if you'd like.

Signature or Signature Salted Caramels - We make our Signature Caramels the old fashioned way; at the stove for a long time, babysitting a butter, brown sugar and cream mixture until it reaches the perfect stage. For our Signature Sea Salt Caramels we pour our Signature Caramel mixture into a pan and sprinkle it liberally with a coarse sea salt before it cools, we then cut it into individual pieces and hand wrap them for your enjoyment. These are the best of the best!

Oreo Cookie Pops- We take a classic American Cookie, put it on a stick, dip it in your choice of chocolate or colored candy coating and sprinkle it with your choice of decoration/topping(s). Very cute and fun for everyone present at your event!

Choice of Fudge - Delicious, smooth fudge. Choose from a pretty lengthy list; the flavors speak for themselves, but if you have any questions or requests please ask!

Chocolate - Vanilla - Strawberry Swirl - Banana Cream - White Chocolate Walnut

Blueberry Cheesecake - Coconut Rum - Root Beer - Butter Pecan

Rocky Road - Pistachio - Creamsicle - Butterscotch - Maple Walnut

Lemon Meringue Pie - Cookies & Cream - Raspberry Chocolate Swirl

Cappuccino - Key Lime - Chocolate Peanut Butter - Red Velvet

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - Chocolate Covered Cherry

Cake Batter - Peanut Butter & Jelly

Gourmet Fresh Popcorn Bar - If you'd like to take advantage of our latest Dessert Buffet Option, you can choose to use your two 'Treat' Selections provided within the Starter Menu to select this option that includes freshly popped popcorn prepared throughout your event and gourmet toppings for your guests to add to suit their tastes.

Toppings provided include but are not limited to...

Signature 235 Caramel Sauce, Coarse Sea Salt, Cinnamon & Sugar,

Chocolate Ganache, White Chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Sprinkles,

Additional Sprinkles - Rainbow or colors chosen by you to match your event -

Non-Pareils, Chopped Peanuts - when an allergy is NOT present at your event -

Toffee Bits, Oreo Cookie Crumbles, Mini Chocolate Chips, Mini M&Ms.

Remember, by choosing this option you'll be opting out of the two (2) 'Treat' Selections provided within this category

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