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Bundt & Pound Cakes

With our Bundt Cakes, you have choices.

We offer them as Full-Sized Bundts, Mid-Sized Bundts perfect for gifting,

'Junior' Bundts, Dessert Buffet-Sized 'Baby' Bundts as well as

Mini Bundts or Cakelets - sometimes called 'Cake Bites.

As for our Pound Cakes, we offer Large, Standard and Individual Sized versions of

virtually all of our Bundt Cake varieties.

All pricing on our Bundt and Pound Cakes varies based on type of Cake as well as the sizing.

Please feel free to reach out to us for a complete line of our Flavors as well as pricing.

...oh, and if you're choosing a Full-Sized Bundt, feel free to select one of

the following styles...

...or simply leave it up to us if you'd rather.

Either way, you'll be getting a delicious cake!

Now, here are your options...


A dense, fine-crumb Almond Cake with a light Almond Glaze, topped with slivered almonds. You can't get any more classic than this; it's perfection.

Brownie Butter Cake

This is a cake we've been seeing variations of everywhere these days - similar to 'Brookies' a few years ago. It has a rich, fudgy brownie 'base' layer and a buttery pound cake-type layer on top ...every time we tested our version people couldn't stop raving about it - it's really quite delicious.


A fantastic, dense Bundt with a nice Almond flavor up front and a hint of cherry flavor on the back side; a generous swirl of maraschino cherries enhances the cherry side of this Bund ...a really nice option.

Cherry Chocolate Chip

Cherries and mini chocolate chips are a great combination; we use it for this popular Bundt. We glaze this one with a rich chocolate glaze. We could almost cal this Bundt 'The Chocolate Covered Cherries Bundt'. It's really a fantastic choice.


A delicious, fudgy variation on our basic base; you can't go wrong with this choice if you enjoy chocolate. Finished with a simple dusting of confectioner’s sugar …because that’s all it needs. It's excellent!

Coconut Lime

You put the lime in the coconut and mix it all up! ...and that’s pretty much what we do with this one; fresh lime and coconut in the cake itself and the tangy glaze. We garnish this cake with toasted coconut and, believe us, it's so good!

Cookies & Cream

We start with a Vanilla Bundt and then mix in a generous amount of chopped sandwich cookies to the batter; we finish it off with a vanilla bean glaze and additional chopped sandwich cookies.


The classic frozen summer treat in Bundt form. We combine the exact flavor profile of orange and vanilla into this brilliant Bundt and then top it with a vanilla bean glaze.

Fresh Orange

Fresh orange juice and zest give this lighter, 'cake-ier' Bundt it's 'real' flavor...and the incredibly delicious glaze that we top it with.

Iced Lemon Pound Cake

Very similar to the popular Coffee Chain version.

You'll love it!



The best of both worlds! ...a layer of delectable layer of classic Vanilla and a layer of luscious Chocolate paired together...not marbled though; these you can separate. Enjoy your favorite first ...or last ...or whatever you prefer!


We never use extracts or bottled juices, we only use fresh lemon juice and zest in both the cake and the glaze to ensure the best, freshest flavor possible.


We hear people talk about 'Boozy Cakes' all the time ...and then we see the recipe. Two Tablespoons of 'Booze' does not make a 'Boozy Cake'. Then there's this cake ...which contains a lot more than two Tablespoons! Tangy, Lemon-y, 'Boozy' and fantastic!


Our Marble Bundt Cake isn't limited to just the standard Vanilla & Chocolate. We actually let you choose 2 of our single bundt flavors (not combination bundt flavors) and we marble those for you. You want Strawberry-Lemon? Got it! Cherry-Almond Marble? Easy ...all you have to do is ask us - we'll let you know if it can be done!

Mocha Almond 

Rich and dense, almost brownie-like. This Bundt has a relatively complex flavor profile that includes coffee and amaretto - two flavors that enhance the chocolate and bring out it's true tone.


A Signature Sweet E’s item; it's the classic flavor combination of Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate in the way that only we can make a bundt cake. This is perfect because it has a flavor for everyone! ...and it only gets better as it sits a day or two. Absolutely delicious!

Nutella Ribbon

A dense Vanilla-based bundt cake with a ribbon of Nutella running through it. There really isn't much more we could do to this one to make it any better, so we dust it with some confectioner's sugar and send it off for you to enjoy!

Pineapple Upside Down 

This isn't like some Pineapple Upside Down Bundts you'll see -just a basic cake baked in a bundt pan - this is really a traditional bundt cake. Dense and 'poundcake-y' with chopped pineapple throughout, slices of pineapple on top too with maraschino cherries and a sweet carmel-ly glaze. This is great for Breakfast, Brunch, Dessert name it! This one; however, only comes in the full-sized version.


A wonderful dense Bundt with all the flavors of Autumn - cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg... delicious! We complete this offering with either a dusting of Confectioners' Sugar or a light cinnamon glaze drizzled over the top. Perfect with a cup of coffee in autumn, but available year round here at Sweet E's.

Raspberry Swirl 

This is the second Bundt we offer that resembles a flavor you'd find at a popular Coffee Chain.


Red Velvet

We could go into the science of how Red Velvet is created... vinegar, cocoa and such, but who wants to hear that? We'll just say that this is the classic Southern Cake in a dense Bundt version topped with a light Vanilla Glaze ...oh, we'll also tell you that it's incredibly good.

Red Velvet Cheesecake Ribbon 

This is an incredibly moist, dense and delicious cake. It features a thick ribbon of Cheesecake that runs through the cake that makes it heavy and quite decadent. This is a fantastic cake that we really like.


A Vanilla Bundt unless otherwise requested, this is a customizable item in which you choose any combination of up to 3 colors of sprinkles. If you're flexible on the colors and you're not trying to match a theme, we just default to traditional Rainbow Sprinkles for the classic 'Confetti-look'.

Strawberries & Cream 

This is a spin off of our Marble Bundt. A flavor combination so popular we made it a permanent menu item. Half Strawberry, half Vanilla Bean swirled together then glazed with a Vanilla Bean glaze.


Tie Dye Bundt - Customizable

A Vanilla Bundt unless alternate flavors are requested; customizable with up to 3 colors of your choice which we 'tie-dye' and swirl together. The tie-dye effect is most successful in full-sized Bundts, but we can also make them into Junior Bundts; unfortunately, 'Baby Bundts' are too small for this variety and are unavailable in this selection.

Tie Dye Bundt - Patriotic

Patriotism isn’t limited to a holiday, so this Bundt is available year round. Red, White & Blue. Strawberry or Cherry for the Red Portion and either Vanilla or Almond for the White and Blue. Vanilla or Almond multi-colored glaze finishes this one off. Because we can't tie-dye 'Baby Bundts', this variety is unavailable in that particular size.

Vanilla Bean 

We use several Madagascar Vanilla Beans per order for the best possible Vanilla flavor ...just look for the little specks!

Vanilla Bean Toffee Chip

A delicious buttery Vanilla Bean based Bundt with toffee chips swirled throughout the cake. Glazed with a Vanilla Glaze and topped with additional toffee chips. Very tasty.

' Top Shelf' Bundt Cakes

Chocolate Coconut Rum Cake 

This is an incredible cake. The combination is probably one of the most popular that we offer. We use a variation of our amazing basic Coconut Rum Cake and plenty of cocoa – you (fortunately) don’t lose the wonderful taste of rum though, we add just a touch more to compensate for the additional flavors in this cake. Glazed with our Rum Glaze and topped with toasted coconut. Awesome!

Coconut Rum Cake 

We use our amazing Rum cake as a base then we add a generous amount of coconut to the cake and top it with a rum-my coconut-ty glaze and more coconut – this time toasty and good! That's a vacation in a Bundt if you ask us! We love it!

Limoncello Bundt

We hear people talk about 'Boozy Cakes' all the time ...and then we see the recipe. Two Tablespoons of 'Booze' does not make a 'Boozy Cake'. Then there's this cake ...which contains a lot more than two Tablespoons! Tangy, Lemon-y, 'Boozy' and fantastic!

Rum Cake

Rum in the cake, rum in the glaze; enough said. You might as well be a pirate! Seriously though, unlike a pirate, we don’t cheap-out on the rum, we use one of our favorite gold rums …and we use enough that you can taste you’re eating a rum cake. Really? Who doesn’t love rum cake?

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