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We don't limit our cakes to just the selections we feature below,

we'll happily work with you to create a cake exactly for you;

cake(s), filling, frosting... whatever you're looking for!

...and if, for some reason, we feel we can't provide you with

what you're looking for then we won't provide you with

a sub-par cake, we'll let you know so you can track down the

cake you'd like to order somewhere else.

There's another thing about our cakes that we'd like you to know:

our cakes, from 6-inch to 9-inch are 3-layer cakes, which generally

means that if you'd normally purchase a 10-inch 2 layer cake

for an event, when you order with us you'd probably only need an

8-inch cake. We just want to be honest and won't sell you a cake that

we don't believe you actually need.

That said, our cakes - for the most part - come in 6, 7, 8 and 9-inch 3-layer cakes,

10 and 12-inch 2-layer cakes unless a specific 3-layer cake such as our

Neapolitan Cake or our Spumoni Cake is ordered

...or you prefer to order an optional third layer on any of our larger cakes.

As for our quarter and half sheet cakes, the same premise applies - they'll be

prepared as 2-layer cakes unless the cake type ordered requires a 3-layer cake

...or the optional third layer is requested when ordering.

...and if you have any cake sizing questions, please feel free to inquire before

placing your order, we're always happy to help fit you into the

correctly sized cake prior to your order.

Banana Cake #1 - 'The Original' - Starting at $26

Our amazing Banana Cake filled and frosted with our second to none Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting, accented with a Banana Buttercream and finally, topped with a delicious, lightly sweetened, stabilized Whipped Cream and shaved chocolate. This is our original Banana Cake - just like Mom used to make!

Banana Cake #2 aka Dark Chocolate Banana Cake - Starting at $26

Moist and delicious …not at all like a banana bread though, definitely more like a tender cake. Topped with a Dark Chocolate Buttercream this cake is absolutely perfect!

Banana Cake #3 aka Cream Cheese Banana Cake - Starting at $26

We use the same Banana Cake that we use in our Dark Chocolate version ...moist, tender and delicious. In this version, we swap out the Dark Chocolate for Vanilla Bean and Banana Cream Cheese Frosting. It really is an attractive cake with off-white and pale yellow frosting dotting the entire surface of the cake ...cute, delicious, somewhat sophisticated - yep, this one's got everything!

Black Forest Cake - Starting at $38

This is our version of a truly classic cake that loved by many. Our Signature Chocolate Cake is our base for the layers of this selection that we then pipe a ring of chocolate buttercream around and fill with a classic cherry filling. Once properly 'built' we then frost it with our slightly sweetened, stabilized whipped cream. When it's frosted, we press chocolate curls and shavings into the whipped cream for garnish and finish it with a layer of cherry filling on top and more chocolate shavings ...never a disappointment!

Boston Cream Pie - Starting at $34

I wonderful fine-crumb yellow vanilla cake is the base for this famous cake. Unlike our other cakes, this selection is a 2-layer cake regardless of the size chosen. It's filled with our freshly made Vanilla Pastry Cream and glazed with a decadent Chocolate Ganache that drips down the sides.

Butterscotch Cake - Starting at $36

This a definitely a 'Non-Traditional' Cake ...when have you ever heard of a Butterscotch Cake? Yeah yeah, we know ...but WE love butterscotch so we thought outside of the box and came up with this one. It's layers of a delicious Brown Sugar-Butterscotch cake layered with Butterscotch Buttercream and topped with an incredibly rich Butterscotch Ganache. Never knew you could make Butterscotch Ganache? ...neither did we until we made it! ...and we're very happy with it - try it for a unique alternative to a traditional cake.

Caramel Frappuccino Cake - Starting at $26

We make our standard chocolate cake with coffee to give it a mocha twist, then layer and frost it with our Caramel Frappuccino Frosting and finish it off with our version of whipped cream - delicious, creamy vanilla buttercream topped with whole coffee beans that give you a crunchy little jolt of java. Available in virtually any size from 6x3 and up.

Carrot Cake - Starting at $28

A classic favorite! We make ours with walnuts and pecans and add a little coconut as well. Topped with a rich and creamy Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting and freshly made Vanilla Fondant carrots. Available in 3-layer, 6 through 9-inch round cakes, 2-layer 10 or 12-inch round cakes or 2-layer Quarter or Half Sheets.

Cherry Chocolate Chip Cake - Starting at $32

A delicious, moist maraschino cherry based cake swirled with miniature chocolate chips, frosted with our Maraschino Hybrid Buttercream and garnished with more miniature chocolate chips and Maraschino Cherries.

Cherry-Vanilla Bean Tuxedo Cake - Starting at $38

An incredible Vanilla Bean based cake with chopped maraschino cherries swirled throughout, it's frosted in a Maraschino Cherry Buttercream before we pour our rich, delicious chocolate ganache over the top of it. Then we pipe swirls on top to give it a little pop of color and voila! It's a very elegant ...and tasty little cake.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake - Starting at $10

So, the question is, 'Do we put this here with the cakes? ...or do we put it with the cookies?' It comes in several different sizes, from individual 4x6 to party sized 8x12; all of which include thin, soft chocolate chip cookies sandwiched with your choice of our delicious Vanilla Buttercream or our Cookie Dough Frosting. The frosting makes the cookies even softer and very cake-like - which is how we'd say to serve it. A nice slice served with a scoop - or two - of your favorite ice cream.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake - Starting at $26

Our fantastic Signature Vanilla Cake with a center 'layer' of 'safe' (eggless) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. It's frosted with our delicious Cookie Dough Frosting and garnished with small, soft, freshly-baked-just-for-your-cake Chocolate Chip Cookies! Available in 6-inch through 12-inch cakes.

Chocolate Curls Cake - Starting at $28

A simple yet slightly-elegant cake. Our Signature Chocolate Cake that's filled with our unbelievably smooth and decadent chocolate mousse filling then frosted with our absolutely incredible, light and fluffy, Whipped Cream-Cream Cheese Frosting before we cover it in chocolate curls and shavings. A 'light' yet decadent cake that you won't be disappointed with.

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake - Starting at $32

Don't get those 'Nutella-Eyes' with this one before you've heard what this cake is made up of! We start with a coarse crumb Hazelnut Cake which we spread a layer of Nutella on. That's followed by our creamy Hazelnut Frosting and then another layer... we repeat this again and when properly filled, we frost it with an amazing Nutella Hybrid Buttercream - what we call our Signature Cupcake Frosting. We decorate it with swirls of Hazelnut Frosting and bursts of straight Nutella ...oh, and coarsely chopped, toasted Hazelnuts of course. If you're a Nutella Fan most people are these days - we think you'll enjoy this one!

Churro Cake - Starting at $34

This is a special cake! It starts with layers of delicious lightly-cinnamon vanilla cakes that are 'casually frosted' with a lightly-cinnamon buttercream then it comes... we coat the entire cake in a cinnamon-sugar mixture - just like a real churro ...and if that's not enough, we make a special recipe of baked churros just for the cake and use them as a super-tasty garnish. We love this cake so much we can't even express in words how much we love it - it's amazing!

Coffee & Doughnuts Cake - Starting at $34

This is a very cute 'novelty' cake. It literally is a coffee & doughnuts cake too; it's a dense cake flavored with a touch of nutmeg just like a traditional doughnut then it's filled and frosted with coffee buttercream - it's not overpowering though - just a nice, creamy coffee buttercream. We prepare a special batch of doughnuts for your cake, glaze them with chocolate ganache and garnish them with rainbow sprinkles for a little fun before we adhere them to the side of your cake with additional coffee buttercream. Very, very cute ...and great for the doughnut lover in your life. Here's a fun fact... we also substitute pink glazed doughnuts for the chocolate and call it the 'Homer Simpson'. Great cake!

Coconut Cake - Starting at $28

We use our delicious 'Pure White' Cake as a base for this amazing offering. We add coconut to the cake for a little extra flavor and texture then we layer it with a creamy coconut Faux Buttercream. Finally, we garnish it with perfectly toasted coconut to add another dimension to this popular cake. If you love coconut then this is the cake for you!

Cookies & Cream Cake - Starting at $28

A tender, fine-crumb White Cake filled with chunks of Oreo Cookies, frosted with our delicious, creamy Vanilla-Oreo Cookie Faux Buttercream and garnished with Mini Oreos. Super-cute, super-fun and super-delicious.

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake - Starting at $30

We feel that a rich, dark chocolate cake holds up better next to a sweet, creamy peanut butter buttercream than a standard chocolate cake ...and that's exactly what we give you with this cake. We spread each layer we use with a layer of creamy peanut butter before topping that with a layer of our delicious peanut butter frosting and another layer of cake ...but wait, we don't stop there. Once we frost your cake in our peanut butter buttercream, we then glaze it with a decadent chocolate ganache. Available in 6x3 through 9x3 or virtually any other size by special order.

The 'Dozen Roses' Cake - Starting at $34

This is a fantastic cake that's detailed on our Custom Cakes Portfolio Page; but to sum this cake up, it's basically any cake, filling and frosting that we offer. You also choose the color of the roses that we hand-roll specifically for your cake. The 'Dozen Roses' Cake itself is merely the design ...the rest- as you can see - is up to you! This cake comes in 3-layer, 6 through 9-inch round cakes, 2-layer 10 or 12-inch round cakes or 2-layer Quarter or Half Sheets. The size of the dozen roses will depend on the size of the cake.

German Chocolate Cake - Starting at $30

Sweet baking chocolate is the key to this moist, dense cake; however, the key o the cake as a whole? The frosting! We make a traditional German Chocolate Cake Coconut-Pecan Cooked Frosting for our 'Naked Cake' Version of this popular classic cake. Before we're through, we cut an extra little cake into small cubes that we heap in the middle then we drizzle a delicious rich ganache over the whole delicious thing!

Ultimate Lemon Cake – Starting at $32

We start with our own recipe Lemon Cake, add freshly made Lemon Curd between the layers and frost it with our zest-filled Lemon Buttercream ...that's not all though, we accent it with adorable little freshly made fondant lemon slices. It's an absolutely perfect cake.

Lemon-Blueberry Buttercream Ruffle Cake - Starting at $30

A tangy lemon cake is the base we swirl delicious blueberries through to make this cake. We fill the cake with a creamy Blueberry Faux Buttercream and then pipe an ombre-style Buttercream Ruffle to the outside of the cake. If you're hesitant about Blueberry, why not substitute Raspberry instead? We offer you the option if you're interested, just ask us. This cake comes in 6x3 through 9x3 cakes or 2-Layer 10 or 12-inch cakes.

Maple Walnut Cake - Starting at $32

A tender Vanilla-Maple Cake is the base for this cake which is then filled with a fantastic Maple Buttercream studded with toasted Walnuts and then frosted with a smooth version of the same Maple Buttercream which we garnish with a hefty amount of delicious, crunchy, toasted walnuts.

Mimosa Cake - Starting at $36

We use a dense cake flavored with both real orange zest and juice then add to that a good amount of Champagne as well! It's frosted in our popular Champagne Buttercream and accented with a Cointreau - an Orange Flavored Liquor - Buttercream and sparkly little silver non-pariels that resemble bubbles scattered across the top of the cake. It's a very pretty cake that's perfect for a brunch - you'll enjoy this one!

Mint Chocolate Chip Cake - Starting at $26

This is a delicious Semi-Dark Chocolate Cake, flavored mildly with mint, then layered and frosted with an amazingly minty & chocolate chippy faux buttercream. The mint isn't heavy and overbearing, it's more like the famous Shamrock Shake type mint - light and just minty enough. This is a delicious cake for anyone who likes the chocolate mint combination ...or for fans of the ice cream.

Neapolitan Rosette Cake - Starting at $34

This cake isn't just pretty, but it's also very delicious ...and similar to our Triple Chocolate Rosette Cake but with the classic flavors of Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla instead. They're a favorite combination and they're in both the cake and the frosting that we use to decorate it. Perfect for a Birthday or Special Event or for something as simple as dessert! It comes in 6, 7, 8 or 9-inch cakes ...and you could probably even twist our arms to make you a larger size too, if that's what you're looking for. Just inquire on pricing for alternate sizes when you contact us.

Ombre Rosette Cake - Starting at $32

Our signature Vanilla or Almond Cake tinted in any color you'd like, from light to dark, top to bottom or bottom to top. The color gradient is divided into four (4) 'thinner' layers and then frosted in a Rosette design in any color(s) you prefer with our delicious Buttercream or Hybrid Buttercream frosting.

Pumpkin Cake - Starting at $28

This is a moist, dense, absolutely delicious cake that we received a remarkable amount of positive reviews on when we tested this cake ...even among people who admitted weren't 'Pumpkin fans' ...go figure. It's not a spiced pumpkin cake like a pumpkin pie - we let the flavor shine through on it's own; where we add a little 'spice' is in the luscious Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting that we frost this scrumptious cake in.

Rainbow Petal Cake - Starting at $42

This is a show piece cake. It's a 6 layer 6, 7, 8 or 9-inch cake decorated with Rainbow Buttercream Petals. It's absolutely beautiful; bright and happy ...and delicious! If you'd like a larger cake, a pastel version or a square cake - just ask, we can help!

Raspberry Truffle Cake - Starting at $38

Based on our popular Raspberry Truffle brownie, this is the latest in our Raspberry Truffle line of desserts. Delicious layers of Dark Chocolate Cake layered with our truly fantastic Raspberry Truffle Frosting. This is a very decadent, gourmet cake ...and we're proud to offer it to you.

Red Velvet Cake - Starting at $28

We've made appearances at many Bridal Shows over time and we always bring this as a sample ...every time we get so many people who tell us that this is one of the best - if not the best overall - Red Velvet Cake they've ever had. Filled and frosted with our delicious Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting this is one of our most popular cakes - and if you're a fan of Red Velvet, this is THE cake you should try.

S'mores Cake - Starting at $32

If you want a cake that literally tastes like a summertime treat then this is the cake you're looking for. A lot of work and attention goes into making this cake because it's pretty complex! We bake layers of chocolate cake that each have a graham cracker layer baked onto the cake ...okay, there's the chocolate and graham! Then we fill the layers with our Marshmallow-like frosting ...there's the S'more part! But, we're not done ...then we frost your cake with a creamy chocolate frosting, pipe marshmallow 'blossoms' across the entire top of the cake and along the bottom edge then we toast it ...WE TOAST IT! Like a real S'more! It's just the coolest cake there is!

Sprinkle Explosion Cake - Starting at $28

If you're looking for an incredibly fun, festive cake then take a look at this! It's a Vanilla Confetti Sprinkle Cake with little bursts of rainbow color throughout! It has a creamy Confetti Faux Buttercream filling and it's frosted with a white Faux Buttercream before we coat the entire cake with rainbow sprinkles. Great for kids parties or, let's be honest, anyone who enjoys sprinkles! You can even choose to personalize this cake if you'd like by choosing your own sprinkle color palette. Choose up to three (3) colors or just stick with the default rainbow sprinkles. It's truly a tasty - and fun - cake for any event!

Spumoni Cake - Starting at $34

This is definitely a novelty cake for those who like a little more variety in their cake Neapolitan Ice Cream - or for that matter Neapolitan Cake. This is a variation that mirrors the classic Italian treat - Spumoni. We layer our Signature Chocolate Cake, a Cherry layer and an amazing Pistachio layer with fillings of the same flavor Hybrid Buttercream and top it off with chocolate shavings, chopped Pistachios and maraschino cherries. We love this cake - we hope you will too!

Strawberry Shortcake Cake - Starting at $32

This is a great spin on a summertime classic. Who doesn't love strawberry shortcake? Well, this is the perfect thing to try why you have a special occasion and want to have the delicious dessert you and your guests love, but really don't want to prepare. We layer delicious Vanilla Sponge cakes with our freshly made Strawberry Filling and frost it with an incredible Whipped Cream-Cream Cheese Frosting. It's a new classic ...and it's fantastic!

Tie-Dye Cake - Starting at $34

We tint a tender vanilla cake six (6) colors and layer it into pans, when it bakes it creates a tie-dye-like design. We then layer and frost it with six (6) colors of our Signature Cupcake Frosting placed into a decorating bag so that when piped, it creates a tie-dye-like frosting. It's definitely a fun cake.

Triple Chocolate Rosette Cake - Starting at $42

If you happen to be a 'Chocolate Lover' then this cake should preeettttty much be calling your name right now! We start with a layer of our decadent Signature Dark Chocolate Cake, follow that with a layer of our Signature Chocolate Cake and finish it all up with a layer of delicious White Chocolate Cake. We follow the same formula when we frost it with our amazing Buttercreams - again, Dark Chocolate, Chocolate and White Chocolate. Truly an amazing cake - extremely decadent, beautiful and delicious. Perfect for any occasion.

Uber-Chocolate Cake - Starting at $42

...and as long as we're on the 'Choco-holics' topic, how about this cake? It's our Signature Chocolate cake filled with our rich, smooth Chocolate Mousse, frosted with a decadent Chocolate Buttercream, covered with a sinful Chocolate Ganache and then topped with Chocolate Buttercream Swirls and mounds of Chocolate Curls. word describes this cake: wow!

The Ultimate Birthday Cake - Starting at $40

...well, not JUST Birthdays ...this cake is ideal for any celebration ...buuuuttttt, it does happen to have a ring of our Thick and Tender Cutout Candles affixed to it - each is a perfect 1-inch slice cutting guide! It's a great cake all around to be totally honest with you. It's our Signature Vanilla Cake filled with 'Sprinkly-deliciousness' - our very popular Cake Batter Buttercream. It's frosted in the non-sprinkly version of the same delicious Buttercream before its topped with brightly colored polka dot sprinkles. It's pretty much 2 desserts at once! FYI... a 6-inch round cake is surrounded with 16 utterly fantastic - and customizable -

cookies ...that's over a pound and a half of cookies alone!

Signature Vanilla Salted Caramel Cake - Starting at $30

Our Signature Salted Caramels were so popular, they were used in our Award-Winning Vanilla Salted Caramel Cupcake. Well, they're so popular that we decided to offer a full-sized cake featuring them as well! We use our special Signature Vanilla Cake and then make two different Caramel Buttercreams, one using small bits of our Salted Caramels for the filling and another using our Signature 235 Caramel for the frosting. We finish it off with a drizzle of our 235 Caramel and a sprinkling of coarse sea salt. It's caramel-y and sweet, but when you get a nice salty bite you'll know why we're the best at making Salted Caramels.

Polka Dot Pinata Cake - Starting at $54

A 4-layer cake with the center 2 layers hollowed out to hold a mixture of colored candies and sprinkles. This is most commonly chosen for a 'Gender Reveal' cake, but we get many requests for kids birthday parties as well. It's completely customizable for your event; flavors, colors, etc. Freshly made vanilla fondant polka dots are the decoration for this particular cake. The photo shows an 'It's a Girl!' gender reveal cake. It's an incredibly fun option!

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake - $18 - $22

This is a great cake, moist and delicious. Filled with the flavors of pineapple, brown sugar and that perfect little cherry right in the middle of each ring! Comes in a full-sized cake or individual cakes.

' Top Shelf' Cakes

Irish Whiskey Cake - Starting at $28.00

This is a very bold cake! It's full of walnuts and Irish Whiskey; they're baked inside, they glaze it and finally re-glaze it with a thicker version and even more walnuts! This is a definite favorite - so moist it literally melts in your mouth. Comes in 'Individual' size (shown) to 9x5-inch Loaves or to a single layer 8x8-inch or Quarter-Sheet version.

Jack & Coke Cake - Starting at $32.00

Incredibly good chocolate cake flavored with the one and only Jack Daniels Whiskey. It's then filled and frosted with an equally amazing Jack Daniels Buttercream; it not a mild buttercream either, we really make sure you taste the whiskey. This really is a fantastic cake for fans of the ridiculously popular libation.

Makers Mark Cake - Starting at $32.00

A decadent, moist, dark chocolate cake flavored with Maker's Mark Bourbon. Filled with a fluffy chocolate mousse-like filling then frosted with a Maker's Mark Marshmallow Buttercream. If Bourbon is your drink then this is the cake for you ...even if you're not too sure about Bourbon, this cake could make you a fan.

Quarter Sheet Cakes

Cinnamon Roll Cake - $22

A delicious cake that takes all the characteristics of a cinnamon roll and puts it into a quarter sheet pan. A delicate, tender cake is swirled with a brown sugar and cinnamon, baked to perfection and then topped with our 'Best Cinnamon Roll Glaze Ever'. Cut the piece you'd like for breakfast, for dessert, for a snack ...whenever you want a taste of cinnamon-y goodness. Great for brunches!

Mississippi Mud Cake - $24

A delicious, chocolate cake that's covered in miniature marshmallows before it finishes baking; once the little marshmallows fuse together in a cloud-like, gooey 'coating' it's cooled and then 'frosted with an absolutely rich, pourable chocolate frosting.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cake - $22

You know? Studies show that peanut butter makes people feel happy; well, this is a fantastic quarter sheet snack cake that will do just that. A peanut butter-y good cake with a peanut butter, mini chocolate chip crumb topping. This is a great cake for breakfast, a favorite with kids and a cake that anyone who adores peanut butter will become a big fan of. Keeps well covered for days too ...if it lasts that long!

Tres Leches Cake - $26

A traditional Sponge cake in Central and South America soaked with 3 types of milk that give it an almost custard-like quality - it's difficult to describe other than saying that it's utterly delicious. A good customer - and friend - who frequently travels to Mexico (possibly just to get Tres Leches Cake) asked us to make our version for her. We finally decided to add this to our list of offerings when she told us that our version could quite possibly be better than the cake that she gets when she visits Mexico ...that says something! Try it - it's sure to become a new favorite of yours as well!

The Uncle 'Jailbird' Joey Cake - $28

Anyone who loves 'Back to the Future' will recognize this cake immediately! This was originally a special order joke-cake that became unbelievably popular - it's ordered all the time! It's your choice of cake, a single layer - left in the quarter sheet pan - decorated with the same design as the cake in the movie ...except we decorate it in fondant because it's easier to get crisp lines that way. This is a fun cake that fans will love, pick one of these up and remember... 'better get used to these bars kid'.

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