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Special Order Cake Portfolio

We've never gone the traditional route 'cake-wise'; that said, you generally won't find us hand lettering cakes at Sweet E's - we prefer alternate methods.

So, if you want lettering, we usually do it with fondant, or little custom paper banners - that type of thing.

In fact, because our cakes up to 9-inch are 3 layers, people usually order smaller cakes from us than usual. In a lot of instances the cake is then too small to actually hand write an inscription or message on, so we happily offer a handmade banner for your cake's totally up to you.

Now, we don't necessarily provide the special order cakes you could get from a traditional bakery ...but, we're not the Cake Boss either - not to say anything about high-profile people who are stand-outs in their field, but we like to actually make cakes made out of ...cake!

...not Rice Krispie treats ...or foam.

(...go figure!)

...and we see it all the time, people need special cakes for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Ceremonies of some sort name it. 

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. That may sound funny when you're talking about Baked Goods but, hey... 

...when you need a cake, you need a cake!

But, all that aside, here are some pictures.

Not nearly all of the things that we do or have done, but some of the larger, quirky or more significant things. Check them out - and when you think you're ready, contact us.

Let's talk about your Custom Cake.

The bottom line is...

never assume we don't - or won't - do something.

We'd love to hear your ideas and talk to you about your design; or, the design you're looking for but aren't really sure about.

We've got a rough pricing guide, so we'll work with you on that too. We want you to get what you want ...what fits your party or event. 

...but - despite all of the options - you'd like Vanilla - plain and simple - and you don't prefer fondant - even our freshly made fondant.

Well, we're more than happy to help you out there as well.

We love Rosette Cakes - they're beautiful - and you can alter their 'look' so easily.

...Ruffle Cakes, Fondant, Petal Cakes, Ombre

...there are so many options!

We happily work with all of our Customers in every Custom Cake instance just like we work with all of our Dessert Buffet Customers so they get just what they're looking for.

Buffalo Sabres Cake

Buffalo Bills Cake

Ombre Bridal Shower Cake

Unicorn Cake

Sparkly Starburst Cake

Emoji Birthday Cake

Spongebob Birthday Cake

Buffalo Sabres

Graduation Cake

Harry Potter

Baby Shower Cake

Thick & Tender 2017 Cutouts

Graduation Cake

Harley-Davidson Cake

Floral Drape Cake

Butterflies Birthday Cake

Bridal Shower Cake

Bowtie Birthday Cake

Hawaiian/Luau Birthday Cake

-- Part 2 --

First Communion Cake

'Baby' Cake

Triple Birthday Cake

'Gamers' Cake

-- ...and Matching Cookies --

A Little Birthday Girl's Star Wars Cupcakes

-- ...and Matching Cake --

The 'Original' Star Wars Cupcakes

-- ...and Matching Cake --

Tsum Tsum Birthday Cake

-- Including 'Smash Cake' --

Ombre Baptismal Cake

The 'Scattered Roses' Cake

-- ...and Matching Cupcakes --

First Birthday Cake

-- With Matching Smash Cake --

Anniversary Cake

-- LaSalle Yacht Club 80th Anniversary --

The 'Seattle Seahawks Cake'

Hawaiian/Luau Birthday Cake

The Princess Cake

The 'Girly-Girl' Birthday Cake

The 'Soccer Ball Cake'

Ruffled Wedding Cake

Ruffled Wedding Cake

This was a beautiful design for a Wedding Cake; Navy Blue and Fuchsia. The 14-inch ruffled tier required over 300 2-inch discs of our freshly made vanilla fondant to complete - it turned out beautifully! The remaining 10 and 8-inch tiers of the cake were frosted in a basic white, non-dairy frosting, then accented with navy blue ribbon and a large navy blue flower. The Wedding theme was 'Nautical' and we were also asked to tie it all in with our 'Not So Mini' Mini Cupcakes frosted in the same colors, each topped with a little piece of Fondant 'Rope'. It was a very classy Cake/Cupcakes 'Set' that we were happy to provide!

'Non-Carrot' Carrot Cake

Finding Dory Cake

'Mermaid Cake'

Tony Hawk 'Skateboard Cake'

Twin Girls' Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake

The 'Deflate-gate' Cake

First Anniversary Cake

-- Miniature 'Re-creation' Wedding Cake --

Miniature Re-creation Wedding Cake

So, we were recently contacted by a customer with an approaching First Anniversary. Her problem... they didn't keep their top tier for the occasion and she wanted to surprise her husband with a miniature version of their HUGE original wedding cake - as shown in this picture. She said the flowers weren't necessary and we could just 'get it close'. It was a White Vanilla Cake with Raspberry Filling - which we make ourselves - and White Vanilla Buttercream.

Miniature Re-creation Wedding Cake

...well, because of the 'Miniature' request we could only do 2-layers, otherwise it would be a full-size cake - so we made a 3/4 scale 2-layer 6 & 3-inch tiered cake, used freshly made fondant colored to match their original ribbon and - because we just couldn't give her the re-creation without the flowers - we whipped up some quick purple-toned fresh fondant flowers to mimic the original decorations. Here's what we received from her after we delivered her very special request: 'I can't even begin to tell you how awesome the cake is! I've been parading it around like a newborn baby! Thank you so much!', thank YOU - we're thrilled that you were happy with your cake and wish you many years of happiness together!

The 'Golf Cake'

The 'Avengers Cake'

Two Tier 95th Birthday Cake

Two-Tier 95th Birthday Cake

Well you don't see many 95th Birthdays! Which is why we made this cake an extra special, extra large, two-tier vanilla cake with fresh strawberry buttercream filling of the birthday girls' favorites! We decorated it with beautiful pink, fresh fondant 'confetti', corkscrew 'streamers' and chunky hand-cut fondant numbers. A beautiful cake for anyone!

The 'Let's Celebrate 'Merica! ' Cake

'Happy Birthday'

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake

Jumbo Cupcake 'Smash Cake'

-- Pink Ladybugs --

Jumbo Cupcake 'Smash Cake'

Okay, so it's not actually Pink Ladybugs - although that was the theme of the party. Pink Frosting was the request for this One Year Olds' Birthday and we felt that Pink Ladybugs on Pink Frosting may not work, so we went traditional instead.

Jumbo Cupcake 'Smash Cake'

The Ladybugs were actually an add-on that we decided on to tie it all together; we didn't feel comfortable with fondant ladybugs for a 1 Year Old, so we made these adorable little ladybugs out of a royal icing that - like those little candy buttons on the strips of paper - melt in your mouth. Voila! No more choking hazard! ...and so incredibly cute too!

The ' Toothless Cake'


'How to Train Your Dragon'

The 'C-3PO Cake'

C-3PO Cake

The C-3PO Cake... a custom cake that we forgot to photograph until it was boxed and ready to be delivered. This was a 12-inch non-dairy cake requested for a little boy's birthday party.

C-3PO Cake

We used a faux buttercream and cut the cartoon-y C-3PO design out of our freshly made vanilla fondant. Remember, this doesn't have to be non-dairy, we can easily make this as a traditional cake in any flavors you choose.

Turtle Themed Birthday Cake

The 'Spring Daisies' Cake

Confirmation Cake

Confirmation Cake

This is a very pretty cake that can easily be made for a boy in shades of blue flowers instead of the pink that we used in this cake for twin girls. If you'd like to change it a little more for a boy, we can easily use different sized dots in place of the flowers.

Confirmation Cake

The great thing about this cake is that it also works very well for a Baptism or a First Communion. You can see on this particular cake, we placed the girls' initials on each side of the cross.

Stanley Cup Cake

The Stanley Cup Cake

This is a very large cake, easily serving 30-40 people. Choose your favorite cake/frosting/filling combination and we'll craft this giant for you! Perfect for a Stanley Cup party ...or for anybody who loves hockey.

The Stanley Cup Cake

This one consists of 5 - 9-inch half-layers, 2 - 7-inch half-layer, 2 - 6-inch half layers and a 'bowl of cake'. It's then covered in our fresh vanilla fondant and sprayed with an edible silver spray paint. We add anything you want written on the cake in black fondant hand cut in the 'NHL Font'. This is a true 'talking point cake'.

The 'Random Little Flowers' Cake

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The 'Dozen Roses' Cake

'Frozen' Birthday Cake

The 'Cowgirl' Birthday Cake

The Rainbow Petal Cake

Rainbow Petal Cake

This is an incredibly tall cake because of the 6 layers of Premium Vanilla Cake that the bright Buttercream Frosting covers.

Rainbow Petal Cake

From Bottom to Top: Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. However; we can reverse the pattern if you choose or we can even change this cake to suit your desired color palette; Pastel? Neon? You got it.

The Rainbow Dots Cake

Nautical Birthday Cake

-- Including Matching Cupcakes --

Nautical First Birthday Cake

Check Back for More Custom Cakes!

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