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Scones & Pastries


At Sweet E's, we have this crazy love affair with scones

...we seriously can't get enough of them.

We sample new flavors any time we have the opportunity and are

always looking for new flavors ourselves, either ideas from someplace

we've had a scone, suggestions from customers or just 'off the top

of our heads' ideas.

All orders of our scones come in two sizes unless otherwise noted.

Petite, in which, you'll get 16 small-ish scones or

Regular, in which, you'll get 8 full-size scones.

Either way, if you love scones even half as much as we do -

then this is your category!

Amaretto - $14/8 Scones

A delicious scone packed with chopped walnuts and flavored with Amaretto. These scones have a light Amaretto Glaze drizzled over the tops to complete the taste. Very good scones. These only come in one size though - you'll get 8 - 3-inch scones with a single order.

Bermuda Scones - Plain - $11/5 Scones

Named so because this was where we first tasted these scones. It was an island recipe that we then spent years trying to duplicate. Well, we think we finally did it ...these scones are the result. These only come in one size, you'll get 5 - 3 1/2-inch scones per order. They're truly perfect.

Bermuda Scones - Raisin - $11/5 Scones

The same recipe as our Plain Bermuda Scones but with a generous amount of plumped raisins mixed in. Again, these also only come in one size, 5 - 3 1/2" rounds. These are a favorite of everyone here at Sweet E's.

Blueberry - $14

Like a blueberry muffin but better ...because it's a scone! Topped like a traditional muffin with Turbinado Sugar to give it a hint of sweetness and a little 'crunch'.

Chocolate Chip - $12

This is nearly everyone's favorite! Mini chocolate chips throughout, then glazed with a vanilla bean glaze and topped with additional mini chocolate chips.

Orange Chocolate Chip - $13

t's a scrumptious breakfast treat based on the very popular local flavor combination. We start with a delicious fresh Orange scone, add mini chocolate chips, then glaze them with a fresh orange glaze and top them with even more mini chocolate chips. Fantastic.

Lemon - $12

These are in the running for the 'Best of the Best' title; Scone Category. Made with fresh lemons - juice and zest - which give them a natural flavor; then, glazed with a tangy, fresh lemon juice glaze. One of our most popular scones. Incredibly tasty!

Orange - $14

A spin-off of our Lemon Scones with these having less tangy-ness and more delicious sweetness. A very nice 'fresh' scone.

Cinnamon Chip - $14

One of our absolute favorites - hands down. Loaded with cinnamon chips and glazed with a cinnamon glaze. The 'Best of the Best' in our opinion.

Brown Sugar Whole Wheat - $15/10 Scones

This is a scone made with brown sugar instead of traditional white sugar - the taste is noticeable and very good. They're topped with a brown sugar mixture that makes a sugar-y 'crust' on top as they bake which adds a sweetness not found in other scones. They're very good, we highly recommend them. Only available in 3" scones - 10 per order.

Scottish Scones - $14

A hearty scone made with oats; add a generous amount of cinnamon and top them with a cinnamon-sugar mixture and you have a very delicious breakfast treat on your plate!

Vanilla Bean - $14

This is another contender for the 'Best of the Best' in the Scone Category (...and the owner's wife's favorite!). We could actually call these 'Schmar-bucks' Vanilla Bean Scones if it weren't for legal reasons and such. We use high quality Madagascar Vanilla Beans in both the scones and the glaze that we top them with. That quality makes the difference. These are in the top three as most popular scones we offer.

Raspberry - $16

Delicious scones; packed with luscious raspberries and topped with simple Turbinado Sugar that give these scones a tiny bit of sweetness and a nice 'crunch'.

Toasted Coconut Lime - $15

A tangy Lime-based scone with a mixture of sweetened shredded coconut and toasted coconut mixed in. Glazed with a sweet and tangy lime glaze and sprinkled with toasted coconut. Tropical and delicious ...point us to the beach!

Maple Oat - $15

Whole Wheat and Oatmeal based scones flavored with the delicious taste of pure maple. Topped with Turbinado Sugar and a sprinkle of chopped pecans then glazed with just a drizzle of a maple glaze for a touch of sweetness.

Vanilla Bean Shortcakes - $16

These are somewhere between an biscuit and a scone, tender and good and... 'Hello Summer!' ...they're perfect for Strawberry Shortcakes! Made with freshly scraped Madagascar Vanilla Beans and lightly sprinkled with Turbinado Sugar, these are amazing - with or without the berries and whipped cream! 8 - 3-inch Shortcakes per order.


Here, we have a selection of yeast breads, baked goods and pastries

that aren't 'on demand' like virtually all of our other offerings other

than our special order cakes.

These take a little more time, which means we need just a bit more notice,

but we guarantee a couple of things:

1) Your baked goods will be freshly made specifically for you, and

2) You WON'T be disappointed.

Pasticiotti - $18/order

Delicious Italian pastries pronounced 'pass-tuh-chotts' filled with sweetened ricotta cheese and mini chocolate chips. Glazed with a vanilla glaze and sprinkled with additional mini chocolate chips. They come in three (3) sizes; a 2 1/2-inch 'Baby' version (..great for brunches!), a 3 1/4-inch 'Individual' size and the 4 1/2-inch 'Regular' size.

Cinnamon Rolls - $18

These are a standard at Sweet E's. We've made these for years with the same recipe and method that we've perfected over time. A delicious Mini 2 1/2-inch roll or Standard size 4-inch rolls filled with a cinnamon-sugar-brown sugar mixture that makes a thin cinnamon candy-like coating on the bottoms of our rolls. Drizzling them with our Perfect Cinnamon Roll Glaze only makes them better!

Cinnamon-Sugar Pull Apart Bread - $12

A delicious and novel take on cinnamon bread; the dough is cut into 'slices' before baking, coated with a cinnamon-sugar mixture, then stacked and baked in a standard loaf pan. Can be drizzled with our delicious cinnamon roll glaze if you'd like. It's a fun and tasty treat! Comes in two sizes: one (1) full sized loaf or an order of individual sized miniature loaves.

Vanilla Bean Shortcakes - $16

These are somewhere between an biscuit and a scone, tender and good and... 'Hello Summer!' ...they're perfect for Strawberry Shortcakes! Made with freshly scraped Madagascar Vanilla Beans and lightly sprinkled with Turbinado Sugar, these are amazing - with or without the berries and whipped cream! 8 - 3-inch Shortcakes per order.

The Big Danish - $24/order

A delicious yeast bread with your choice of filling; Apple, Cherry, Cream Cheese, Cherry-Cheese, Blueberry, Blueberry-Cheese, Cinnamon, Cinnamon-Nut, and our newest flavor: Pineapple-Cheese. Choose either 2 Regular size Big Danish or an order of 6 Individual Sized, 'Baby' Big Danish.

Traditional Danish - $22/Dozen

These 3-inch - 4-inch danish are incredibly tender, they virtually melt in your mouth. Choose Apple, Cherry, Blueberry, Lemon or Cheese. If you'd like, choose your favorite 3 and we'll make 4 of each for your dozen.

Almond Horseshoes - $16/2 Pastries

A tender yeast dough wraps a classic Almond Filling. It's glazed with a tasty Almond Glaze and sprinkled with slivered Almonds before we send it off to you! One of our favorites.

Bear Claws - $18/Dozen

These are really an amazing pastry; a tender yeast dough surrounds one of two fillings - either cinnamon-sugar or almond, then a drizzled vanilla or almond glaze to complete the pastry.

Cinnamon Crescents - $20/2 Dozen

When the owner's children were small, they wanted these every morning for breakfast; because of that, they've been perfected. Cinnamon, sugar, brown sugar all rolled up into a tender little yeast dough triangle and topped with crunchy, coarse turbinado sugar.

Almond Crescents - $20/2 Dozen

A crescent similar to the Cinnamon Crescents we offer, but these are a little more sophisticated. Our tender crescent dough with a subtle sweet, almond flavor rolled into shape, baked and glazed with an almond glaze; topped with slivered almonds. Absolutely delicious.

Cream Cheese Crescents - $20/2 Dozen

We use our delicious, tender crescent dough and pair it with a sweetened cream cheese filling before topping it with Turbinado sugar and a sprinkle of Confectioners' Sugar. These are fantastic for breakfast, for dessert ...or just for a treat.

Placek - $12

The Sweet E's family is 100% Polish and because of that, this traditional crumb topped yeast Coffee Cake has been something they've made for generations. Traditional around Christmas and Easter but good any day of the year. You can order a full-sized loaf or miniature loaves either with - or without - plumped golden raisins.

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