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Menus & Options

Sweet E 's gives you choice after choice when planning your special event

...all without any sales pressure from us.

Right from the start you get to choose what package is best for you.

We offer two (2) Main Complete Dessert Buffet Packages:

The Starter Buffet Menu Package

or the Premium Buffet Menu Package.

In addition to those two packages,

based on the popularity of Cupcakes these days,

we also offer a new package:

The 'Just Cupcakes' Buffet Menu Package

...which includes everything we offer in the two (2) main packages

listed above from Set-up to Breakdown and everything in between.

The only difference is that the menu consists of cupcakes, cupcakes

and MORE cupcakes!

There are now five (5) sub-packages in the 'Just Cupcakes' Package

to choose from, each containing a different size or

variety of cupcake options.

We also offer another package that's perfect for Bridal or Baby Showers, First Communions and such:

The Breakfast & Brunch Menu Package

...again, this package includes everything we offer in our original

packages from Set-up to Breakdown but the difference with this

package is the fact that it offers an array of both breakfast/brunch

selections like muffins and scones to a sweet dessert selection as well!

Overall, it may not sound like much, but we also offer many optional

packages that can be added on if you’re looking for something

more specific for your Dessert Buffet.

Once you choose your main package, the planning then moves forward.

You choose items, colors, flavors and combinations... you want plain Vanilla Cheesecakes?

...or do you want Coconut Raspberry Swirl Cheesecakes?

Do you prefer Basic Baby Almond Bundt Cakes or Baby Chocolate Rum Cakes?

Add on a Mini Cupcake Package perhaps?

...choose from dozens of different varieties!

Don't want to jump from the Starter Menu to the Premium Menu

but really want a particular Premium Selection?

...just ask us for a Single Item Upgrade.

It allows you to stay within the Starter Menu but replaces a single

Starter Selection of your choice with a single Premium Menu

selection of your choice.

...or, how about a Single Item Add-On?

It's an option that we offer that allows you to add an additional

Premium Menu Item of your choice* to your Starter Package**

...or any Package for that matter!

You may also decide halfway through the planning stage

that it may be better for your event if you were to upgrade from the

Starter Package to the Premium Package; well, we can do that as well!

We don't lock you into the Starter Package, we realize that something

may happen that makes you want to improve your selection

and we'll happily allow that.

In either package though you can choose to do things

like request to craft your own 'To Order' Marshmallows that match

the color of your special event - you can even choose the flavor as well!

Or, if you’re hosting something like a Bridal Shower, how about

adding one of our Cupcake Dress 'Cakes' to your package?

...a Bachelorette Party?

...shorten the dress and make it black

...or hot pink! …or Black AND Hot Pink!

Your daughter’s 6 Birthday Party?

Make it a Princess Dress.

That's just another one of the additional items that we offer you that

could ‘Complete’ your Dessert Buffet in your eyes

…and we're always adding new things, so make sure you ask

if there’s anything new we’re working on that you should be aware

of, or suggest something new to us

…we may just start offering that as a regular selection and have you to

thank for the idea!

So, keep reading, then call or email us; ask us some questions

if you'd like

...or, let's just schedule a consultation to talk about your event.

We always travel to meet you at a comfortable, convenient location

of your choosing to discuss what you're looking for

...and there are absolutely NO obligations just to speak to us

about what we offer and the options you can possibly choose from

...or just how the whole process 'works'.

The bottom line is, we're here for you

...we're here to help make your special event that much more


*Choose from any Category

**Can also add a Single Additional Item from any Category to your Premium Buffet,

'Just Cupcakes' Buffet or Breakfast & Brunch Buffet..

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