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Home Events -vs- Booked Venues

So far we've outlined and explained everything you need to know about how we service a Booked Venue Event; we understand that you may be hosting a smaller event at your home, a park or somewhere similar so we also provide a service for that type of event as well.

First, let us stress that we'll happily provide the exact same full service

experience wherever you choose to host your event.

If you've booked at a Fire Hall, a Church, a Park

...or even decided to host your event at your home, we'll

treat it the same way we'd treat any of our large scale booked

venue events. We've provided our services to many small parties,

Wine Tastings for a Dozen guests, Dinner Parties for 20 guests

...the list goes on and on. Some have chosen to have the full service

treatment, some have chosen the off-site service; but, either way

we do everything we can to provide a service that no other business

in the area provides.

The Initial Consultation concept remains the same, as does the

Preparation stage. It's the Day of the Event where things take a

different direction; we'll arrive at your location early - just as we would

at a booked venue event - but, we'll set up all the desserts we

can fit on your Dessert Buffet Table(s) and then leave the rest

packaged in boxes for you. We'll then ensure everything is ready for

you and allow you to maintain the Buffet for your event.

Once the contracted time has elapsed, we'll return

to your location, verify that there is no damage to any serve-ware

and that all pieces are accounted for and in good condition.

We'll then dismantle the buffet table(s), return your deposit

and wish you well.

The pricing for this service remains the same as the traditional

Booked Venue Event pricing, but the refundable deposit that we

require increases to $100 for a Home or Non-Booked Venue Event

as opposed to the $50 refundable deposit we require when we're

actually there to host a Booked Venue Event.

In both instances however, as long as there is no damage to any

serve-ware, utensils, etc. and everything is accounted for, we

deduct the deposit from the remaining balance due prior to

the close of your Special Event.

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