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Sweet E's Special Order Baked Goods

Did you know that Sweet E's also offers Special Order Baked Goods?

...well, we do!

Nautical themed First Birthday Cake.

Double 8" layers of Vanilla Cake on the bottom with a Hazelnut-Chocolate Buttercream Filling and double 6" layers on the top; same cake, same buttercream. Frosted in a True Vanilla Buttercream with Soft Sugar Cookie and Fondant accents.

At Sweet E's we try to provide you with a wide range of options

...for our dessert buffets

...for our special order items

...for pretty much everything.

We hope you'll enjoy looking through all the delicious baked goods that we offer and, as always, if there's something that you really think you'd like, but you don't see here, then just ask us about it with the form provided on the

Contact Us Page.

If we already offer it - great; if we don't, we'll

work on it and let you know when we're happy

with the results.

Double 8If it's something as simple as a flavor change ...something like...

'...I really don't care for a Cherry Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake but wouldn't it be great if I could get an Orange Chocolate Chip Bundt?' 

Then that's easy! We never mind flavor combinations or changes and 'tweaks' to something that we already offer - that's our business, we love it and if it makes you happy - we'll pretty much do it!

We want to be your first - and hopefully only - destination for

high-quality custom baked goods

...delivered directly to you when you want or need them.

So, if you're hosting a party

...but one that's not necessarily large enough to warrant a catered dessert buffet

we can still offer you the same high-quality baked goods that we offer at our events.

If you need for something for dessert, or you have a

craving - like cookie dough - that needs to get satisfied, then that works too!

Just take a look at our Special Order Menu and use the form provided on the

Special Order Baked Goods > Place Your Order page or email, call or text us.

We'll get back to you as soon as we have a spare minute! 

- Sweet E's

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