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Muffin Tops & More...

What's the best part of a muffin? ...the tops! ...right?

Especially ours, big, soft, covered with crunchy Turbinado sugar ...delicious!

Well, that's what we've been doing for years.

We eliminate the muffin 'stumps' and voila!

Muffin Tops!

...what's the 'More', you ask?

Well, we know that there are some people out there that prefer a

traditional muffin - that's our 'More'.

...and we don't just offer 'traditional muffins', we offer you muffins

...upon muffins

...upon muffins several different sizes and varieties depending on what you'd like them for.

Say, Sunday brunch ...Mini Muffin Loaves?

Baby Shower? ...Standard Mini Muffins?

Breakfast for the kids sleepover? Regular muffins ...because they'll eat anything ...jackals!

So, you see - you've got some choices to make,

better get started checking out your options!

Muffin Tops

Our large, 4 to 5-inch Muffin Tops definitely won't disappoint at Breakfast!

You'll receive 6 freshly made Muffin Tops in every order.

Chocolate Chip - $10/order

With a generous amount of semi sweet chocolate chips mixed in and topped with a liberal amount of our traditional muffin topping - 'crunchy' coarse Turbinado sugar - these Muffin Tops are the best!

Chocolate Chocolate Chip - $11/order

All the goodness of our regular Chocolate Chip Muffin Tops but with a double dose of chocolate. We start with a rich chocolate base, then add a generous amount of semi sweet chocolate chips and finish it with our signature Turbinado Sugar sprinkle to top it all off.

Sprinkle - $10/order

Well, if Muffin Tops weren't 'Kid Friendly' enough then take a look at what we have here. We make these uber 'Kid Friendly' by adding a truckload of rainbow sprinkles to the batter for a very fun, confetti-like breakfast treat.

Blueberry - $12/order

We use smaller Wild Blueberries in our Muffin Tops, they're sweet and delicious and have more 'Blueberry' flavor than the large traditional blueberries commonly seen that explode in your muffins creating a sloppy mess. We top these - as usual - with Turbinado Sugar. A classic!

Coffee Cake - $12/order

This Muffin Top is loaded with cinnamon chips and topped with a cinnamon-y crumb topping then dusted lightly with confectioner's sugar. Delicious.

Pumpkin Struesel - $10/order

An amazing Muffin Top that we consider too good to only make seasonally during the Autumn months when every other bakery releases their Pumpkin-goods; we make this all year for you to enjoy. Pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg ...all with a streusel topping! Scrumptious.

Banana - $10/order

The perfect cross between banana bread and a banana muffin. Covered in our delicious crumb topping.

Banana Nut - $12/order

A muffin standard why wouldn't we make a Muffin Top version? Here it is, loaded with toasted nuts and covered in our delicious crumb topping for you to enjoy.

Banana Chocolate Chip - $11/order

This is one you don't want to pass on, it's delicious! Who doesn't like the combination of bananas and chocolate? All with a crumb topping too! It's simply a great selection.

Very Berry - $16/order

We don't stop at Blueberries in this Muffin Top, we add a nice hefty amount of Raspberries as well ...which adds a nice hefty amount of flavor to this excellent Muffin Top!

Lemon Raspberry - $15/order

Delicious Lemon Muffin Tops with luscious, sweet Raspberries mixed in and our standard crunchy, sweet Turbinado sugar topping.

Orange Cranberry - $14/order

Sweet oranges! A burst of tangy Cranberry! The flavor combination is out of this world! Brilliant!

Muffins and Mini Muffin Loaves

We make the majority of our Muffin Tops in standard muffin format and

as Mini Muffin Loaves as well.

Just as with our Muffin Tops, we coat the tops of our standard Muffins

and Mini Muffin Loaves with our Signature Turbinado Sugar sprinkle or delicious Crumb topping unless otherwise noted.

The order sizes and quantities mirror our Cupcake orders.

Each order gives you your choice of:

2 Dozen Mini Muffins

1 Dozen Standard Muffins

6 Jumbo Muffins

or 8 Mini Muffin Loaves

*If a selection is not available as Mini Muffins

it will be noted in the description.

Chocolate Chip - $11/order

Probably the most requested muffin variety we bake. This muffin is perfect, the texture, the sweetness, the chip to dough ratio ...and who could forget the sweet crunch of coarse sugar on the top. This is a great muffin.

Double Chocolate Chip - $12/order

We bump up the chocolate in this version of a chocolate chip muffin by starting with a rich chocolate base before adding a generous amount of semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Sprinkle - $10/order

Well, if Muffin Tops weren't 'Kid Friendly' enough then take a look at what we have here. We make these uber 'Kid Friendly' by adding a truckload of rainbow sprinkles to the batter for a very fun, confetti-like breakfast treat.

Blueberry* - $13/order

Our version of the quintessential muffin, filled with luscious wild blueberries. The Turbinado sugar on top adds a nice amount of 'crunch' to this muffin flavored mildly with vanilla. It's absolutely delicious!

Pumpkin - $14**-$16/order

We've said thousands of times that pumpkin shouldn't be seasonal - it's too good to only have during the autumn! Our delicious Pumpkin Muffins - available all year long - are topped with delicious crumbs and the Standard, Jumbo and Mini Loaves all have an unbelievable cream cheese filling. Our mini** are too small for the filling but are delicious regardless.

Banana - $11/order

Our basic 'you can't go wrong here' Banana Muffin, topped with our delectable crumb topping.

Banana Nut - $13/order

Another classic muffin; we toast the walnuts ourselves to ensure a great flavor. Topped with additional chopped walnuts, this could be the second most popular muffin we bake.

Banana Chocolate Chip - $12/order

Our delicious Banana Muffins - plain - no nuts, but to this version we add semi-sweet chocolate chips. We use standard chips for the standard size Muffins and the Jumbos and the Mini Loaves and Mini Muffins get mini chocolate chips ...a lot of them!

Banana Ribbon - $15/order

Our delicious Banana Muffin with a scrumptious ribbon of sweetened vanilla cream cheese running throughout. This variety only comes in 8 Mini Loaves.

Honey Corn - $11/order

A favorite because the honey we use in this Muffin gives it a hint of sweetness. Great for breakfast, perfect for a side at dinner. This is one versatile little treat!

Very Berry* - $16/order

Just like our Muffin Top, we don't stop at blueberries in this Muffin either! We add raspberries to this one too ...which, again, adds a good amount of flavor to this favorite Muffin.

Lemon Raspberry* - $16/order

Delicious Lemon Muffins swirled with luscious raspberries; these really are phenomenal.

Orange Cranberry* - $15/order

Incredibly good Muffins with the sweet taste of orange and the tangy-ness of cranberries. These are a no-brainer if you like a flavorful muffin.

Almond Poppy Seed - $13/order

A fantastic Muffin with the unmistakably good flavor of pure almond; we add poppy seeds to the batter and top these Muffins with our incredible crumb topping and slivered almonds.

Bran - $14/order

People usually shy away from Bran Muffins because they think it's bland and boring and - frankly - doesn't taste all that good; well, we make sure that these Muffins are moist, tasty and slightly sweet ...not to mention healthy too! You may not think so, but these are a surprisingly popular muffin!

Raisin Bran - $15/order

This is a very well-known muffin, it has the same reputation as it's brother - the Bran Muffin - but we make these into an enjoyable little treat too, as well as incredibly healthy. The special plumped raisins make these extra moist and tender. This is definitely a popular selection once it's been sampled. One of our favorites!

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