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First, a Sweet E 's 'Cookie Tutorial'...

The standard cookie by default at Sweet E's is what we refer to as

a 'Large Format' Cookie, they're relatively big by normal cookie guidelines;

however, we'll happily make other sizes.

For instance, when we make cookies for a Dessert Buffet we

can't possibly - nor would we want to - serve 'Large Format' Cookies,

they're just too big. So, we make a smaller 2 to 3-inch cookie,

we even have some requests for even smaller 1 to 1.5-inch cookies.

Basically, we'll provide you with whatever you're looking for if we're

able to customize the size of the particular cookie you're interested in ordering;

but, for these examples, we'll generally use 'Large Format' as a reference

point in our descriptions.

Next, your options...

There are a few ways that you can order cookies from us...

you can choose to have us deliver a freshly baked

batch of cookies to you (Fig. 1)

...or, you can choose to have us deliver an order of

unbaked frozen cookies (Fig. 2) portioned out for your convenience,

ready to thaw slightly and bake when you feel like one

...or two ...or eight ...fresh cookies.

Finally, if you'd prefer unfrozen chilled dough (Fig.3)

we'll happily deliver that to you as well, in a take-out container

that you can scoop from yourself; your size cookie, as many as you'd like.

One more thing ...on dough

We will - on request - deliver you a batch of 'Safe' Cookie Dough (Fig.3)

for you, purely to eat as cookie dough, without the fear of getting sick

...and we guarantee that it's safe to eat because it contains no eggs,

which means it can sit out on the room for two days and you can still pick up a chunk, pop it into your mouth and smile knowing you've got nothing to

worry about ...other than running out of our 'Safe' cookie dough.

Of course 'No Eggs' also means something else besides 'No Sick' means 'No Bake' as well.

(We know this because we've tried it.)

So, all you have to do is request any of our cookies as 'Safe' Dough

and you'll be all set.

...and if you want to try baking it, be our guest just might like it!

...and now, your Cookie choices...

Cut Outs, Rolled and Formed Cookies

'Durable' Cutouts

A tasty, 'heavier' cutout cookie that withstands ...rough handling so to speak. Preferred for small children's parties and generally decorated with a light vanilla glaze and sprinkles, jimmies, non-pareils or decorative sugars.

Thick & Tender Custom Cutouts - $15/pound

Our Signature Cutout cookie - delicate, tender and absolutely delicious. Your choice of shape, design and decoration. Yield per pound varies due to custom aspect of these cookies. Make sure you take a look at our Custom Cookies Portfolio for some of the cookies we've done in the past.

'Dozen Doughnuts' Cookies - $16

Our Thick & Tender Cutouts cut into a Doughnut shape and 'frosted' with Pink/Strawberry, White/Vanilla and Brown/Chocolate Icing although you can choose a single particular icing if you prefer. Decorated with Rainbow Sprinkles these are just adorable ...and when you order, you'll even get a special surprise!

Baby Shower Assortment - $15/pound

Our Signature Thick & Tender Cutouts topped with our freshly made vanilla fondant in the color(s) of your choice. Shapes include: Onesies, Pacifiers, Bibs and Baby Carriages but if there is something in particular that you'd like we'll do our best to make that happen!

Wedding Dress Assortment

These use our Thick & Tender Cutouts as a base and are relatively large cookies. We get a lot of requests for these as Shower favors; that said, we ice these in random designs and finish them off with decorative non-pareils and edible glitter.

Buffa-love Heritage Cookies - $15/pound

A traditional Buffalo Cookie decorated in Polish/Red & White, Italian/Red, White & Green and Irish/Green, Orange/Red & White ...and/or our cute Buffa-love cookies as well. Choose one nationality, multiple, omit the Buffa-love or choose all Buffa-love, it's totally up to you ...and if there are other colors/designs that you'd like us to create, please ask - we'd be happy to customize YOUR Buffalo for you!

'Man-Card' Assortment - $15/pound

Our Signature Cutout topped in our freshly made vanilla fondant pressed into Diamond-Plate, Tire Tread, Woodgrain and 'Gears' patterns. These cookies come in basic shapes: Squares, Rectangles and Circles - all of different sizes unless a specific shape(s) are requested.

'Over Twenty One' Assortment - $15/pound

Our Thick & Tender Cutouts decorated as different sized Beer Mugs and Pint Glasses. Perfect for birthdays ...we can even add an age to the Mugs and Glasses if you'd like.

Thick & Tender Birthday Candles - $12/pound

A great idea for a birthday party! Select our random colored candles or choose the colors you'd like us to make. Each pound consists of 10 delicious cookie candles.

'Gameday' Assortment - $15/pound

Stadium Cookies in different shapes and styles; some round, some square. Footballs, and other assorted 'theme-shapes'. Great for tailgating, the playoffs or a Superbowl Party.

Alternate 'Gameday' Assortment - $15/pound

We've added a new shape to our original Gameday Assortment - Foam Fingers! These happen to be for a First Birthday Party but the '1' seems pretty fitting across the board don't you think?

Father's Day Assortment - $15/pound

Not just for Father's day though! These are great cookies for any Dad! Fully Customizable too - these are just the tip of the Iceberg!

Alternate 'Gameday' Assortment - $15/pound

We've added a new shape to our original Gameday Assortment - Foam Fingers! These happen to be for a First Birthday Party but the '1' seems pretty fitting across the board don't you think?

Drop Cookies

Black & Whites

A traditional cookie; soft in texture with a hint of lemon, glazed with a half and half frosting of chocolate and vanilla. Super tasty cookies!

Butterscotch Chip

Butterscotch chips are pretty sweet, but the flavor is amazing, that's why this is a basic 50/50 cookie base with butterscotch chips mixed in. It's not an overpowering flavor as it can sometimes be, it's just a little butterscotch-y ...? Anyway, the point is - it's really a great cookie.

Coconut Chocolate Chip

This version is the same as our Signature as well with one exception - a ridiculous amount of coconut tossed! We use both regular sweetened & shredded and toasted for a couple of different textures. We know coconut is a dicey ingredient, but this cookie really is a hit.

Cookies & Cream Chocolate Chip

A cookie within a cookie - we chop up Oreo cookies and mix them into the dough along with semi sweet chocolate chips. There's a ton of flavors and textures in this cookie because of the combination and it's a cookie that always gets comments when you explain to people what it is. Never a bad choice!

Custom Color Chocolate Chip

We make only minor adjustments to our Signature Chocolate Chip recipe when we produce these cookies made specifically for you and your occasion. You choose the color, the chips and the size and we'll do our best to produce a fresh batch just for you! Some colors won't work

Mexican Chocolate Chip

So, raise your hand if you know what Mexican chocolate is. Well, if you didn't, it's basically spicy chocolate. We make a chocolate cookie but add a specific blend of spices that you don't 'catch' right away - they wait until you swallow and then they hit you. It's a bit of a surprise, but a nice one - a great 'change of pace cookie'.

Nutty Chocolate Chip

No minor adjustments to the Signature for this version - to this, we just add lot of walnuts! We can happily add Pecans instead if you'd like - just add an extra $1 per order. Either option is equally delicious.

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip

We make these cookies with dark chocolate - from the cocoa to the chips and we use Raspberry liquor to flavor it. It's a very rich cookie - some say it's almost brownie-like. It's a great cookie and a lot of people consider it their favorite - that's a big compliment to us!

Sno-Cap Chocolate Chip

This cookie came about because of the owner's daughter ...who happens to love Sno-Caps. One day she wanted cookies but instead of regular chocolate chips, the owner swapped in Sno-Caps because he opened a cupboard and there they were. To this day she loves this version developed especially for her.

Sprinkle Chocolate Chip

Our Signature Cookie with a splash of color - we add a ton of sprinkles to these so you're guaranteed to get a little blast of confetti-like color in every bite!

Citrus Drops Sampler

Can't decide which is your favorite? This is the perfect opportunity to sample them all! If you're having a summer party this is the perfect addition, each flavor in our Citrus Drop Trio; Lemon Drops, Orange Drops and Lime Drops. This is a delicious Sampler that tastes like Summer. Choose Small, Medium or Large.

Original Coconut Rounds

An incredible cookie that's thick and full of delicious, chewy coconut! We use a 2:1 of sweetened, shredded coconut to toasted coconut and we don't make this with the traditional 'scoop method', this one we roll into a log, chill and then cut into slices. They're delicious! The textures, the chewiness, the flavor! It's all makes a really perfect cookie.

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Rounds

Well, the Original Coconut Cookie WAS perfect, until we decided to dip one in chocolate and then realized what we were missing all those years! We use the same cookie, but dip the bottoms into milk chocolate. These are amazing - they're like a candy bar! So good!

Creamsicle Chip

This is a fun novelty cookie; it's flavored with fresh oranges - both zest and juice, it's also flavored with freshly scraped Madagascar Vanilla Beans as well - these ingredients bring the subtle flavors of an Orange Creamsicle to this cookie by themselves ...but we throw in the White Chocolate Chips for some extra 'creamy' fun!

'Durable' Custom Cut Outs

Another custom cookie, but this one thick with a texture somewhere between a sugar cookie and a shortbread. Choose either Vanilla or Chocolate, then choose your sprinkles; either one color or a combination. You can even choose the 50/50 Split Double Order and enjoy both flavors! So, you want Palm Trees? Got it. Mustaches? Easy. Music Notes with Black Sprinkles? Done and done! Basically, you name it and we'll see what we can do for you. These are a really great 'durable' cookie. Perfect for school parties and picnics ...awww, who are we kidding? Perfect for everything! If you'd prefer a delicious glaze in place of the sprinkles, add $2/order.

Glazed Lemon Wedges or 'Little Rays of Sunshine'

An incredibly good cookie. Flavored with fresh lemon juice and zest with a texture somewhere between a sugar cookie and a shortbread. It's baked in a round pan and when cooled, glazed with a tart fresh lemon glaze then cut into pie-shaped wedges. A friend, upon tasting them, once called them 'Little Rays of Sunshine' and the name stuck! Delicious. Can be cut into 8 or 16 'Rays'.

Lemon Drops

Lemon drops are the first in our Citrus Drops line, they're delicious little scone-like cookies made with fresh lemon juice and zest - approximately 1 1/2" in diameter and glazed in a tangy lemon glaze. Perfect with a cup of tea. People love these because they're a cookie but not overly sweet.

Lime Drops

The third cookie in the Citrus Drop Trio, these made with fresh lime juice and zest. These too are approximately 1 1/2" in diameter and glazed in a delicious lime glaze and are considered the most 'tropical' of the three. Excellent cookie.

Linzer Cookies - $10/pound

Sometimes called Jelly Sandwich Cookies, these tender cookies are sandwiched with luscious raspberry preserves and sprinkled with confectioner's sugar to finish them off. This is a classic cookie and one that everyone loves once they've tried them.

Lemon Linzer Cookies - $11/pound

One day when we had extra Linzer cookies we were looking at options for alternate fillings, we tried frostings, this, that ...then we tried Lemon Curd (which we make ourselves by the way) and we nearly fell in love! If you could marry a cookie, this would be the lucky match! If you enjoy fresh, tangy lemon - try this cookie ...just don't think you can marry it - we already called dibs!

Neapolitan Cookie Bars

These delicious little bite sized treat bars can be sized two different ways; little 3/4-inch wide bars or as 1 1/2-inch squares. The delicious combination of Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry combined with their 'pop-ability' is a deadly combination!

Classic Oatmeal

This is one of the most popular cookies around - people try to transform it into so many different variations, from cereal to breakfast bars to pancakes; we, however, are sticking with the original ...the cookie! A cookie that we worked on for years before we were actually happy with the results - well, this is it and we can tell you that everyone who's experienced it - loves!

Classic Oatmeal Chocolate Chip

No raisins here in this version of our Classic Oatmeal Cookie, we take them out and put in semi sweet chocolate chips in their place. If you need something more in your oatmeal cookie and you just don't like raisins, then this cookie is probably the one for you!

Classic Oatmeal Raisin

Our Classic Oatmeal Cookie with a good amount of plumped raisins mixed into the dough. A great cookie that's crisp along the edge but super chewy in the middle, the raisin to cookie ratio is perfect in this recipe, you'll love it.

Orange Drops

Another delicious little scone-like cookie made with fresh orange juice and zest - approximately 1 1/2" in diameter and glazed in a sweet orange glaze. Can you say... 'Hello Breakfast!'

PBJ Thumbprints - $8/pound

This is a really fun spin on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We make them using creamy peanut butter and your choice of either grape or strawberry jam. These are perfect with a nice cold glass of milk - they're unbelievably good.

Peanut Butter

We've worked on the best Peanut Butter Cookie recipe for years before coming up with this particular version that we scoop, coat in Turbinado (Coarse) Sugar, then press a pattern into before we re-sprinkle with sugar and bake until they're perfectly done. Crunchy along the edges and chewy in the middle. This is the best peanut butter cookie we've ever produced in our eyes.

Peanut Butter Burst

This the Anti-Triple Peanut Butter Cookie. Just as that cookie was made for peanut butter lovers, this cookie was made for people who just like a hint of peanut butter. It's a 50/50 cookie just like our Butterscotch Chip Cookie which gives it a neutral flavor, all the peanut butter in this cookie is added by the peanut butter chips. It's a really good peanut butter cookie in our opinion.

Peanut Butter Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip

Another peanut butter cookie variation, this one ties into oatmeal cookies. It's made like an oatmeal cookie with a generous addition of creamy peanut butter and white chocolate chips - it always takes us by surprise how much people enjoy these cookies once they've had them. They're a really good 'hybrid cookie'.

Triple Peanut Butter

Just like we bumped up the chocolate in the Triple Chip Chocolate Chip Cookie, this cookie elevates the Peanut Butter Cookie to something Pea-nuts love! We use our basic Peanut Butter Cookie base and to it, we add chopped and whole peanuts and peanut butter chips as well! This cookie is the peanut champ!

Salted Caramel Thumbprints

A delicious Vanilla cookie base with our Signature 235 Caramel filling the center. Before we deliver them to you, we sprinkle each with just enough coarse sea salt to make it the best salted caramel ever.


Snickerdoodles ...why aren't these cookies more popular? You never hear anybody ever say anything about a Snickerdoodle! We think that's crazy. That's why we make these fantastic crisp along the edge but chewy in the center, cinnamon-y, sugary slabs of deliciousness. Help us return the Snickerdoodle to it's former glory!

Sno-Caps Cookies

One of our original recipe cookies in which we take a nice soft chocolate cookie dough, roll it into balls then roll those balls into non-pareils; when they bake the flatten out and look like huge Sno-Cap candies. They're adorable ...and very tasty too! ...and the owners' daughter is responsible for this one too!

Soft Frosted Sugar Cookies

These cookies are - in most instances - a custom selection, you get to choose the shape, color frosting and the sprinkles we use. That is, of course, unless you don't mind our choices. We'll tip you off that these cookies are incredibly similar to those awesome frosted cookies you see packaged at grocery stores that every child wants when they pass them by ...yep, we make our own version and they're loved by so many people. An order consists of 32 3 1/2-inch round cookies, but if you choose a specific shape the yield may vary.

Custom Spritz

These are small delicate cookies, completely customizable; color, flavor, sprinkles. Perfect, especially if you're looking to complete a theme. If you want pale blue, vanilla cookies - we can do that; green, coconut cookies - we aren't sure why, but okay - we can do that too ...or choose some of our basics, Almond, Raspberry Almond, Lemon - we have a bunch of options to offer you in this category.

Classic Sugar

These are a classic, crisp edge, chewy center sugar cookie just like the Snickerdoodle. Everybody likes sugar cookies ...everybody's made sugar cookies at some point before, but we don't use just any sugar like most people do, we use Turbinado Sugar - unrefined, coarse sugar that we find give the cookies a nice 'crunch'. We love these cookies, you will too.

Classic M&M Sugar

Our Classic Sugar Cookie baked with M&Ms ...these cookies are incredibly popular with kids and always seem to be the cookie people choose when they order our Giant Cookie Pops. It's a 'New Classic' in our opinion that people always enjoy.

Classic Sprinkle Sugar

These are our Classic Sugar Cookies without the sugar; hmmmm, we cover these cookies in rainbow sprinkles ...unless, you need a custom cookie for a birthday, special party or event - then, we let you choose a specific color set (up to three) if you have something particular in mind that you'd like to match. A cookie tie-in ...tasty and brilliant!

Toffee Chip

A variation of our Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie; we remove all chocolate from this one but add a LOT of toffee chips to the dough, which is great because when these cookies bake, all the chips on the bottom of the cookie 'reset' themselves as even crunchier toffee! So tasty.

Triple Chip

This is our Signature Chocolate Chip Cookie with 3 times the chips. We add white chocolate chips and milk chocolate chips to our standard semi sweet chocolate chips to give you a trifecta of tastiness. This is one of our most popular cookies.

Specialty Cookie Items

Giant Cookie Pops - Pricing Varies

These are truly huge cookies - 5-6 inches in diameter on wide popsicle sticks. We use a delicious sugar cookie that we top with M&M's - standard or seasonal - or Sprinkles - Rainbow, unless custom color sprinkles are requested. We can make these with different cookie doughs as well - just ask us what other flavors we offer. Perfect for kids parties!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake - Starting at $10

So, the question is, 'Do we put this here with the Special Cookie Items? ...or do we put it with the Cakes?' (Psst, we put in in both because we didn't quite know where it should go!) It comes in several different sizes, from individual 4x6 to party sized 8x12; all of which are built with thin, soft chocolate chip cookies sandwiched with your choice of our delicious Vanilla Buttercream or our Cookie Dough Frosting. The frosting makes the cookies even softer and very cake-like - which is how we'd say to serve it. A nice slice served with a scoop - or two - of your favorite ice cream.

Dozen Roses - $18/dozen

A big 4-inch, delicate, thick, tender Vanilla cookie frosted with a beautiful, smooth red Vanilla Buttercream. Sold by the Dozen.

Cookie Layer Cakes - $24/order

Thick, tender cookies layered with our delicious, smooth Hybrid Buttercream in your choice of color; you can even add sprinkles as well. Very nice addition to a wedding buffet with a white buttercream and shimmery edible glitter. This is a great - and very popular - item.

Soft Frosted Rosettes - $22/order

This cookie is similar to our Soft Frosted Sugar Cookie. It's delicious and tender and we frost it with a rosette the color of your choice; white, yellow, pink, red ...hey, you want black roses, they're yours! Basically, you name it, you've got it. Sold by the order so the yield varies depending on the size you choose. It's not only a very pretty cookie, but it's a delicious one as well.

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