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Signature Caramels

'Most delicious salted caramels I've ever had! The perfect balance of sweet and salty, and I don't even like caramels.'

- M.M. - Facebook Friend

We'd like to thank everyone for the wonderfully positive reviews of one of our

'staple items' that's what makes an item a 'Signature Item'.

Just to give you a little background on our Signature Caramel products, all of our

Signature Caramels are Hand Made, Hand Cut and Hand Wrapped.

All individually wrapped products are sold by the pound.

That means there are variations in piece count from one pound to the next;

but for standard Signature Caramels, on average, each pound is made up of

approximately 24-32 3/4" x1 1/2" pieces. 

Signature Caramels - $16/lb

Unbelievable good, moderately chewy caramels made by us, in small batches to ensure the highest quality. These caramels are truly a signature item here at Sweet E's. Absolutely delicious.

Signature Salted Caramels - $16/lb

We take our incredibly delicious Signature Caramels and add a touch of coarse sea salt to them; once they've been poured we sprinkle them liberally with more coarse sea salt. It's not a salt overload, just a nice sweet & salty balance. A balance that some find irresistible.

Caramel Swirls - $18/lb

Again, we use our Signature Caramel for this treat that's similar to a 'Bulls-eye' ...those little caramels with the dot of sweet 'cream' in the center. We add our freshly made Vanilla Fondant, put one layer on the other, roll them up, chill them, cut them, and finally hand wrap them. They're fantastic ...and much better than those stale old bulls-eyes!

Signature Caramel Sauce - $16

We make our Signature Caramel Sauce using the same method and ingredients as we do our traditional Signature Caramels and our Signature Salted Caramels, but this caramel is pourable once you heat it! Over ice cream, drizzled on popcorn, you can dip your apples into it ...we're pretty sure you can find any number of things to do with this delicious sauce. We pour it into Pint (16oz) jars and you're all set. Keep it refrigerated for around a month (although we're pretty sure it won't last that long). Ask us about our 4oz party favor jars as well ...and if you want the salted version, it's available too - and it even comes with an extra cup of coarse sea salt for you to sprinkle on as well!

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