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' Just Cupcakes' Menu

The ' Just Cupcakes' Menu was developed in response to the growing requests of solely cupcake buffets ...there are many people who want nothing more than cupcakes and an attendant to maintain the Buffet Service for their event.

It was because of this 'Cupcake Demand' that we decided to offer this Menu ...actually there are several different menu options within the main ' Just Cupcakes' Menu itself, but all the options offered include everything that we include with all of our other Dessert Buffets.

Option #1

'Go Big or Go Home' Package

$7. per person

In this option you get to choose four (4) Premium Full-Size Cupcakes for your Buffet. Which includes all filled cupcakes that we offer at no additional charge.

Option #2

'Cupcakes, Cupcakes and More Cupcakes!' Package

$8. per person

This option offers you a slightly smaller cupcake - our standard Dessert Buffet Sized Cupcake that we call the 'Not So Mini' Mini Cupcake. Your choices also increase with this option to six (6) Premium selections.

Option #3

'Fifty-Fifty Split' Package

$8. per person

The 50/50 Split is the best of both worlds! You get to choose three (3) Standard Full-Sized Premium Selections and three (3) 'Not So Mini' Mini Cupcake Selections. It provides you a great deal of options from two (2) slightly different menus ...and it provides your guests an incredible amount of choices as well!

Option #4

' To the Happy Couple' Package

Starting at $8.50 per person

In this package you get the same choices as in either the Cupcakes, Cupcakes and More Cupcakes! Package or the Fifty-Fifty Split Package with one change, we also add on one additional cupcake - either our Signature Champagne Cupcake or our Signature Pink Champagne Cupcake to be served before dinner for the toast to the 'Happy Couple'. We've heard time and time again how many people don't like Champagne - this way, you and all of your guests - including children - can join in the traditional toast with our delicious Champagne Cupcake ...and after dinner, enjoy all the selections that you get with the rest of the package you've selected.

Option #5

'Plethora of Cupcakes' Package

$7.50 per person

In our final ' Just Cupcakes' Option, we offer you a completely different size cupcake ...the Mini Mini Cupcake. Something that we only offer for Dessert Buffets. It's a traditional Mini Cupcake - the size we use for cake tastings. They're small, but that's why in this option, we offer you the choice of eight (8) Premium Selections*.

*Premium Selections differ slightly when translating to a 'Mini-Mini' Cupcake.

If you're curious, please ask what the difference(s) may be - or if there are any differences at all.

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