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Our cupcakes are available in four (4) different sizes.

One of those sizes; however, is made only as a special request for

Dessert Buffets;

the Mini-Mini Cupcakes (pictured far left).

We sell our cupcakes as special orders in your choice of three (3) sizes:

-- Pictured left to right --

'Not-So-Mini' Mini Cupcakes - Two (2) dozen per order

Standard Cupcakes - One (1) dozen per order, or

Jumbo Cupcakes - Six (6) huge cupcakes per order

The prices listed with each cupcake is correct pricing for each

of that specific cupcake's sizes - there is no change when you, say

...upgrade from 'Not-so-Mini' Mini to Jumbo - the listed price stays the same.

In addition, we also sell our cupcakes in specific flavor/frosting

combinations or as 'Create Your Own Cupcake' Flavors where you

choose your cake, your frosting and even your mix-ins, filling, sprinkles or

toppings if you'd like them!

Our prices generally range from $22 to $28 per order 

...unless you choose to create a relatively extravagant cupcake!

That's great when you consider what some local bakeries are charging,

sometimes $3.00 or $4.00 per cupcake regardless of how many you're

purchasing, 2 dozen or 20 dozen ...and that's also usually a

pretty basic cupcake design of cake and frosting.

That said, look at our cupcakes, choose what's right for you may want to look at the Vanilla Salted Caramel Cupcakes though

- that particular cupcake took Second Place in the

2014 KISS 98.5 First Annual Cupcake Challenge

...and it beat out a lot of those $3.00 or $4.00 cupcakes too!

Premium Cupcake Selections

Apple Pie - $28

Possibly one of our most amazing cupcakes. An incredibly tasty apple-cinnamon cupcake filled with freshly made apple filling and topped - first with a fantastic apple-cinnamon frosting then with a flaky and delicious pie crust round and finally a with a little more apple pie filling. Yeah, we think that this is the most amazing cupcake we offer.

Banana #1 - $24

A moist and delicious recipe that's been in the owner's family for generations. Topped with our classic Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting.

Banana #2 - $24

The same fantastic banana cupcake we use in the Banana #1, but this one is frosted with our amazingly good Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting.

Banana Cream Pie - $28

Our newest 'Pie' themed cupcake, this one has a Pie Crust Base with our new Banana Cake that we core and fill with a rich banana pie-like mousse filling. We top it like you would a banana pie ...well, kind of ...we use our absolutely delicious Whipped Cream-Cream Cheese Frosting and add a little sprinkle of yellow jimmies just to finish it off. Super tasty!

Banana Fluffernutter - $24

Our go-to banana cupcake cored out and filled with a marshmallow-y frosting then topped with our super-tasty peanut buttercream. This is a really good cupcake!

Black Forest* - $26

A delicious, moist chocolate cupcake filled with cherry filling then topped with our amazing Cream Cheese Frosting and grated dark chocolate. This is a pretty decadent cupcake ...pretty decadent and pretty popular!

Boston Cream PIe - $26

Just like the famous cake! Our fine-crumb yellow vanilla cake filled with our delicious Vanilla Pastry Cream and 'frosted' with a thick, rich ganache.

Butterscotch - $23

Our own Butterscotch Cake recipe swirled with little flecks of butterscotch chips, frosted with a rich and creamy Butterscotch Signature Cupcake Frosting and drizzled with Butterscotch Ganache. This one is new, but people are already telling us how good it is!

Cake Batter aka Birthday Cake - $24

Yellow Vanilla Cake with sprinkles mixed in, these cupcakes are then frosted with a ridiculously tasty Cake Batter Frosting ...and to give it the Birthday Cake-y look, large sprinkles and fresh fondant 'streamers'. These were very popular during our pre-release tastings ...we hope you'll enjoy them too!

Caramel Macchiato - $24

This is wonderfully Coffee-flavored cupcake that we frost with our Signature 235 Caramel Frosting before we finish it off with a Chocolate covered Espresso Bean.

Carrot - $24

Carrots, Walnuts, Coconut ...oh, my! It's a fantastic cupcake. Topped with the standard in carrot cake frostings worldwide ...scrumptious Cream Cheese Frosting. OUR scrumptious Cream Cheese Frosting ...which means it's even better! 'I'm in love, [they were] so good! Thank You! Best Carrot Cake Cupcake I've ever had!' can you argue with a response like that?!

Chocolate Chip - $23

An amazing Vanilla Cupcake with a generous amount of Miniature Chocolate Chips mixed in, frosted with a super-tasty Vanilla Buttercream and then dipped - Ice Cream Cone-style - into more Miniature Chocolate Chips. This is a fun and fantastic selection!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - $26

Just like our popular Cake! Our Signature Vanilla Cupcake cored and filled with 'safe' cookie dough then topped with our Cookie Dough Frosting and a soft little chocolate chip cookie. They make a great companion to our Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake for your special event - a matched set! Perfect!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry - $25

Okay, so it's not really 'covered' a way. We take our absolutely amazing Chocolate Cupcakes and dip the tops in our rich chocolate ganache, then we frost them with our fresh Strawberry Buttercream and top each one with a cute little freshly made fondant strawberry ...deee-licious!

Chocolate Truffle - $28

Originally released as a new Cupcake for Valentine's Day, now included - with customization options - on our regular Cupcake 'Menu' as well. Our amazing Chocolate Cupcake is the base for this cupcake that we 'fill' with a Lindt Chocolate Truffle of your choice - in our Valentine's version we use the Dark Chocolate Truffle, but were asked many times if there were options for different flavors - not there are! Traditionally we top this with a Rosette of our Red Velvet Signature Cupcake Frosting, but we're happy to substitute a different frosting on request. These were one of our highest rated cupcakes ever during their testing period - we're sure you'll love them too!

Churro - $24

All the cinnamon-y goodness of the iconic Latin treat baked into our fantastic cupcake - you've GOT to try these if you're a churro fan.

Classic Fluted Cupcakes - $18/Dozen, 'back in the day' if you walked into virtually any bakery in Buffalo - in most instances a Polish bakery - this is the type of cupcake you would find. Not much of a cupcake by today's 'Cupcake Wars' mentality or standards, but one that we make to carry on the 'Old-School' Cupcake tradition that we remember from childhood; our Signature Pure White Cake, a light but dense, fine-crumb white cake, baked using a special method in a non-traditional fluted tin then topped with either chocolate ganache or vanilla icing. These cupcakes only come in one size and are absolutely amazing. The most tender cupcake you'll ever eat.

Coconut - $24

Beautiful White Coconut Cupcake topped with Coconut Frosting then dipped into shredded coconut.

Coconut Cream Pie - $28

The newest in our Pie Cupcakes Category, we start with a pie crust base then add out Signature Pure White Coconut Cake which after being baked and cooled, we core out and pipe in a rich coconut mousse. We finish this amazing cupcake with our Whipped Cream-Cream Cheese Frosting and a sprinkle of perfectly toasted coconut for garnish.

Coconut-Lime - $24

You put the lime in the coco... oh, sorry; anyway, this is our delicate, fine-crumb, pure white Coconut Cupcake - with just a touch of Lime, frosted with a tangy Lime Cupcake Frosting and garnished with lightly toasted coconut.

Coconut Raspberry - $24

Our Pure White Coconut Cupcake frosted with a Raspberry Buttercream then topped with shredded coconut.

Coffee & Doughnuts - $28

This is an awesome cupcake ...a real 'talking point' attention getter ...have we made our point? It's a fantastic Coffee Cupcake, frosted with Coffee Hybrid Buttercream and then topped with a Classic Buttermilk Doughnut glazed in pink icing and given a little 'shot' of Rainbow Sprinkles. Super-cool!

Cookies & Cream #1 - $24

White Vanilla cupcake filled with chunks of Oreo cookies and topped with our Cookies & Cream Buttercream.

Cookies & Cream #2 - $24

This is the 'yang' to the #1's 'yin'. This is our Signature Dark Chocolate Cupcake with chunks of Oreo Cookies mixed in, topped with our Cookies & Cream Buttercream and a cookie garnish,

Creamsicle - $22

A delicious Vanilla Bean cake frosted with a perfect Orange-Vanilla Bean Buttercream that tastes exactly like the frozen summer time treat! A very popular throwback flavor.

Dark Chocolate Cream - $26

Our Signature Dark Chocolate Cupcake Filled with our fluffy, creamy, marshmallow-y, 'Fluffy Cloud' Frosting then frosted with our Dark Chocolate Truffle Frosting.

Fresh Strawberry - $24

Our 'Signature' Strawberry Cupcake frosted with nothing but our Fresh Strawberry Frosting for a one-two punch of a delicious 'summer-y' flavor!

German Chocolate - $26

This is a delicious German Chocolate Cupcake frosted with a traditional Coconut-Pecan 'Frosting' before being finished off with our rich Chocolate Ganache.

Lemon - $26

Delicious fresh lemon cupcake filled with our amazing freshly made Lemon Curd and frosted with a sweet and tangy Lemon Hybrid Buttercream, look for the fresh zest'll notice a lot of it! That makes the taste even better! We garnish it with one of our cute - and tasty - little fondant lemon slices.

Lemon-Blueberry - $26

A fresh Lemon Cupcake frosted with a super creamy Blueberry Cream Cheese Frosting. This is a popular selection in our Breakfast & Brunch Buffets popular, in fact, that we've decided to add it to our Premium Cupcake Menu.

Deluxe Lemon-Blueberry - $28

In this Deluxe version, we take the original Cupcake and fill it with our amazing freshly-made Lemon Curd

Lemon-Lime - $26

Another Citrus Cupcake that starts with a cake recipe written by us; we fill it with a freshly made Lime Curd and top it with a tangy Lemon-Lime Cupcake Frosting ...oh, and some bright yellow and green sprinkles ...just for fun!

Lemon-Raspberry - $28

Our fantastic Signature Lemon Cupcake as a base to which we core - then fill - with our fresh Lemon Curd. We frost it with our amazing Raspberry Cupcake Frosting and create the most amazing, summer-y, fresh and delicious cupcake you'll every taste - it really is a wonderful choice.

Lemon-Strawberry - $26

An amazing fresh Lemon Cupcake frosted with our equally fresh Signature Strawberry Cupcake Frosting. The subtle Lemon Cupcake matched with the sweet Strawberry Frosting is an absolutely delicious combination ...and we top it with a super-tangy lemon drizzle to make it a touch more lemon-y!

Maple Pancake - $22

A delicious 'Breakfast' cupcake topped with Maple Buttercream then drizzled with additional Pure Maple Syrup ...Best. Breakfast. Ever!

Maple-Bacon Pancake - $25

Yeah, it sounds a little odd; but trust us, you won't regret this decision! It's a re-worked version of our Pancake Cupcake, this time swirled with crispy bacon then frosted with our delicious Maple Buttercream, topped with real bacon bit 'sprinkles' and a little piece of bacon, then finished off with a drizzle of Pure Maple Syrup.

Maple Blueberry Pancake - $24

We add blueberries to our original Pancake Cupcake and voila! A delicious Pancake Cupcake swirled with real wild blueberries; again, just like the companion cupcakes we frost them with our delicious Maple Buttercream. This particular version is then topped with a bit of blueberry preserves and a drizzle of Pure Maple Syrup.

Maple Chocolate Chip Pancake - $26

Who doesn't like Chocolate Chip Pancakes? Well, these are almost better! Our delicious Maple Pancake Cupcake swirled with Miniature Chocolate Chips, topped with Signature Maple Cupcake Frosting, a Miniature Chocolate Chip Pancake, a 'burst' of more Frosting and a sprinkle of Miniature Chocolate Chips involves a pancake HAS to be a breakfast, right? What better way to start your day?! What better treat in general?!

Maple-Walnut - $26

An amazing Maple-Vanilla Cupcake frosted with our absolutely perfect Maple Cupcake Frosting; we add toasted walnuts to the edge of the cupcake and top it with a freshly made fondant maple leaf. This is one of our new-favorites and one that we feel is going to be very popular in the crisp months of Autumn!

Mint Chocolate Chip - $24

We start with a Dark Chocolate Cupcake as a base, then we frost it with a signature light green mint Buttercream with a generous amount of miniature chocolate chips mixed in. We used to make this cupcake only if someone specifically requested it, but it's popularity has grown so much we've decided to offer it as a regular selection

Orange Chocolate - $23

Only in Buffalo is the Orange & Chocolate flavor combination as popular's our offering to help cement that tradition ...well, quirky, culinary 'tradition' so to speak. It's definitely a tasty one!

Peach - $26

A lightly flavored Peach Cupcake filled with a freshly made Peach Compote before being frosted with a subtle Peach version of our Signature Cupcake Frosting. It's finally topped with a bit more of the same compote that we use for the filling to finish it off and give it just a little bit 'extra'.

Peanut Butter - $22

Delicious Peanut Butter Cupcake topped with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting.

PBJ #1 - $24

We use our Peanut Butter cupcake as a base, fill it with a bit of Grape Jam, then frost it with a swirled Peanut Butter & Grape Jam frosting. It's an 'interesting' a good way! ...cupcake and a delicious 'talking point' cupcake.

PBJ #2 - $24

The same Cupcake as our PBJ #1, but in this version, we replace the Grape Jam with Strawberry ...this is based on a lot of customer requests, so we're finally releasing it as a permanent selection.

Peanut Butter Banana - $22

We should call this 'The Elvis' - it's our Banana Fluffernutter Cupcake without the Fluff! This one is a fantastic!

Pumpkin - $22

We don't believe in pumpkin being a seasonal flavor so we make these all year long. A fantastic, moist Pumpkin Cupcake topped with Cinnamon Buttercream and a little Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Pumpkin for garnish.

Pumpkin Pie - $28

...and if you really like Pumpkin Pie then you'll definitely be interested in this selection. It's our delicious Pumpkin Cupcake baked with a Pie Crust round on the bottom! Then we core it and fill it with a no-bake Pumpkin Pie Filling that we make specially for this particular cupcake; follow that up with a rich Cinnamon Cream Cheese frosting and yes indeed ...that's our little Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Pumpkin for garnish! This - like our Apple Pie Cupcake - is incredible!

Red Velvet - $24

'The best Red Velvet Cupcake [I've] ever had!' has been said by many people who've enjoyed this - one of our best selling cupcakes ...who are we to argue?! A delicious Southern favorite topped with our Creamy Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting and if you'd like, even some Red Velvet cake 'crumbles'.

Rocky Road - $25

A classic Ice Cream flavor! as a cupcake! We take our delicious Chocolate Cupcake and flavor it with a touch of almond - nothing overwhelming, just enough to give it a subtle hint - then we frost it with a fantastic Chocolate-Almond Hybrid Buttercream before sprinkling it with tiny marshmallows and slivered almonds. We like this one a lot!

Raspberry Truffle - $26

An amazing Dark Chocolate Cupcake flavored with raspberry liquor then topped with our very thick, very rich Raspberry Truffle Frosting. Very decadent.

S'mores - $28

These are unique cupcakes that mirror our similar cake. We start with a graham cracker base, then add the chocolate cake, top with ganache, then a ring of chocolate buttercream and finally we fill the center of the chocolate buttercream ring with a marshmallow-y frosting perfect for torching to make toasty ...just like a S'more! Tastes like summer!

Sparkly Starburst - $26

Choose our Signature Chocolate (including Dark Chocolate) or our Signature Vanilla Cupcake and tell us the colo(s) you'd like us to use when we decorate your cupcakes in various sized, various shaped piping tips ...different sizes, different types and different colors/flavors! ...and that's not it - we then sprinkle your cupcakes with edible glitters for that 'bling-y' sparkle! Incredibly cute! ...and if you're looking for a matching cake as well, we offer that too! Go check it out on the 'Cakes' Page!

Spice - $22

A mildly spiced moist cake topped with our delicious Penuche Frosting.

Sprinkle Explosion - $26

Our own Sprinkle Cupcake Base topped with our creamy and good Vanilla Cupcake Frosting then covered with Rainbow Sprinkles - truly an Explosion of color with these cupcakes! Pair them with our Sprinkle Explosion Cake for a great Birthday 'set'!

Strawberry Shortcake Cupcakes - $28

An incredible vanilla cake surrounds our freshly made Strawberry filling. We frost these with our absolutely amazingly fluffy whipped cream-cream cheese frosting - slightly sweetened - a little vanilla - it's fantastic! The whole cupcake mirrors our Strawberry Shortcake Cake and is a great 'set' ...get a cake - add on some cupcakes. This one really is fantastic.

Uber-Chocolate - $28

This is the 'chocolate-iest' (if that's even a word) of chocolate-y cupcakes that you'll EVER find ...ANYWHERE! It's our Signature Chocolate Cupcake filled with our unbelievable Chocolate Mousse, dipped in Chocolate Ganache, frosted with Chocolate Buttercream and then drizzled with more Chocolate Ganache ...and it's nothing short of incredible.

Vanilla Salted Caramel - $26

An award winning cupcake. We start with our own recipe Vanilla cake then we make two (2) batches of Caramel; one we blend into a delicious Buttercream frosting, the other we use to drizzle the tops of the frosted cupcakes. We finish it all off with a sprinkling of coarse sea salt. Absolutely delicious and a true winning flavor!

White Almond - $22

A delicious fine-crumb white cupcake that's perfect for Showers, Weddings, Anniversaries, First Communions ...or simply because you like the taste of Almond more than Vanilla! Topped with our White Almond Signature Cupcake Frosting which is a super-creamy Hybrid Buttercream. A classic!

*Some Cupcakes that have a filling are not available in the 'Not So Mini' Mini Cupcake size.

If you're interested in determining whether a selection is/isn't please contact us.

Basic Cupcake Selections

Signature Vanilla - $22

Our amazing Vanilla Cupcake that we've developed in house and have used for years - simple and delicious. Topped with your choice of our Signature Cupcake Frostings.

Custom Color Vanilla - $23

Our Signature Vanilla Cupcake in any color(s) you want! Topped with your choice of our Signature Cupcake Frostings.

Signature Chocolate - $23

Another cake that we wrote the recipe for, a dense - yet still light - chocolate cake that's one of the best you'll ever try ...delicious. Topped with your choice of our Signature Cupcake Frostings.

Signature Dark Chocolate - $24

This is the Dark Chocolate version of our fantastic Signature Chocolate Cupcake. Topped with your choice of our Signature Cupcake Frostings ...but can we say, the Vanilla Bean with the Dark Chocolate is unbelievable's our favorite.

Fifty/Fifty - $24

Two colors - or Basic flavors - split half and half ...or 50/50 in the cupcake liner. Match the cake with the frosting by choosing a 50/50 swirl there as well! These are only available as Standard or 'Full' Size cupcakes.

'Create Your Own' and 'Custom' Cupcake Selections

Truly 'Custom' Cupcakes - Price Varies

This is our Cookie Monster Cupcake for example - it's just one of the many things we offer in the 'Custom' category - we'll happily work with you just like we would if you were to order a Custom Cake - to give you just what you'd like. Our Cookie Monster Cupcake is actually our Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcake (of course) but decorated in the non-traditional way ...and it's fantastic!

Truly 'Custom' Cupcakes - Price Varies

Here's another truly Custom Cupcake ...our Star War Cupcakes - that are ridiculously popular now that we've put the word out about them - we're always making these! Any flavor cupcake you choose which we then pipe dark blue Signature Cupcake Frosting on, we sprinkle it with blue edible glitter and some silver non-pareils and then add a freshly made fondant Star Wars cutout to the top. May the Cupcakes be with you...

Gender Reveal Cupcakes - Price Varies

...another Custom order we happily provide are Gender Reveal Cupcakes. Whether you know or not - or you just want to tell all of the guests at your Shower, etc. then this is the cupcake for you - let us know what you're having - or give us a letter from your doctor's office and we'll prepare the appropriate Cake Ball to drop into the cupcake of your choice. We generally frost your Cupcake with White or another Neutral Signature Cupcake Frosting, but we'll happily make it any Frosting of your choice.

Choose your cake from these selections...

Signature Vanilla - $22.

Custom Colored Vanilla - $24.

White Almond - $22.

Signature Pure White - $24.

Signature Chocolate - $24.

Signature Dark Chocolate - $26.

Red Velvet - $24.

Banana - $24.

Carrot Cake - $24.

Peanut Butter - $24.

White Coconut - $26.

Spice - $24.

Cookies & Cream - $24.

Fresh Lemon - $24.

Fresh Strawberry - $24.

Pistachio - $26.

...then, choose your frosting from these selections...

Signature Cupcake Frostings

Vanilla - Custom Color Vanilla - Vanilla Bean - Custom Color Vanilla Bean

Almond - Chocolate - Custom Flavor/Color - Creamsicle - Lime - Fruit Punch

Cherry - Fresh Strawberry - Grape - Pineapple - Watermelon - Banana

Butterscotch - Chocolate-Hazelnut (Nutella)

'True' Buttercreams

Vanilla - Vanilla Bean - Custom Color Vanilla - Almond - Chocolate

Raspberry - Fresh Strawberry - Blueberry - Lemon - Lime - Orange - Coconut

Coconut-Lime - Cherry-Almond - Pumpkin - Maple - Mint - Caramel - Coffee

Cake Batter - Cookies & Cream - Mint Chocolate Chip - Custom Flavor/Color

Cream Cheese Frostings

Vanilla - Vanilla Bean - Almond - Chocolate

Raspberry - Fresh Strawberry - Blueberry - Cherry - Lemon - Lime - Orange

Toasted Coconut - Coconut - Peanut Butter - Cinnamon - Maple

Miscellaneous Frostings

Penuche (Brown Sugar) - Signature 235 Caramel - Signature 235 Salted Caramel

Fluffy Cloud - Chocolate Sour Cream - Dark Chocolate Truffle

White Chocolate Truffle - Raspberry Truffle - Banana Cream - Peanut Butter

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - Whipped Cream-Cream Cheese

Coconut-Pecan (German Chocolate Cake Frosting)

'Top Shelf' Frostings

Kahlua - Sailor Jerry Rum - Captain Morgan 1671 - Malibu Rum

Southern Comfort - Jack Daniel's - Jim Beam - Jim Beam Maple

Amaretto - Limoncello - Irish Whiskey - Canadian Whiskey - Champagne

...add filling if you'd like...

Signature Cupcake Frostings or Hybrid Buttercreams

Vanilla - Custom Color Vanilla - Vanilla Bean - Custom Color Vanilla Bean

Almond - Chocolate - Custom Flavor/Color - Creamsicle - Lime - Fruit Punch

Cherry - Fresh Strawberry - Grape - Pineapple - Watermelon - Banana

Butterscotch - Chocolate-Hazelnut (Nutella)

'True' Buttercreams

Vanilla - Vanilla Bean - Custom Color Vanilla - Almond - Chocolate

Raspberry - Fresh Strawberry - Blueberry - Lemon - Lime - Orange - Coconut

Coconut-Lime - Cherry-Almond - Pumpkin - Maple - Mint - Caramel - Coffee

Cake Batter - Cookies & Cream - Mint Chocolate Chip - Custom Flavor/Color

Cream Cheese Frostings

Vanilla - Vanilla Bean - Almond - Chocolate

Raspberry - Fresh Strawberry - Blueberry - Cherry - Lemon - Lime - Orange

Toasted Coconut - Coconut - Peanut Butter - Cinnamon - Maple

Miscellaneous Frostings

Penuche (Brown Sugar) - Signature 235 Caramel - Signature 235 Salted Caramel

Fluffy Cloud - Chocolate Sour Cream - Dark Chocolate Truffle

White Chocolate Truffle - Raspberry Truffle - Banana Cream - Peanut Butter

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - Whipped Cream-Cream Cheese

Coconut-Pecan (German Chocolate Cake Frosting)

'Top Shelf' Frostings

Kahlua - Sailor Jerry Rum - Captain Morgan 1671 - Malibu Rum

Southern Comfort - Jack Daniel's - Jim Beam - Jim Beam Maple

Amaretto - Limoncello - Irish Whiskey - Canadian Whiskey - Champagne

Miscellaneous Fillings

Lemon Curd - Lime Curd - Sour Cherry-Vanilla Bean

Chocolate Mousse - Mocha Mousse - Raspberry Mousse - Strawberry Mousse

Fresh Strawberry Filling - Cherry Filling - Blueberry Filling - Raspberry Filling

'Safe' Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

*Extra charge for filled cupcakes

...then, if you'd like, choose complimentary sprinkles...

Chocolate - Rainbow

White - Yellow - Orange - Pink - Red - Purple

Blue (Light/Dark)- Green (Light/Dark)

Custom Mixture (...choose up to three (3) colors)

...or customize your cupcakes even more by adding...

Non-Pareils - White or Rainbow

Topping - Complimentary

Non-Pareils - Silver

Topping - .50/order

Edible Glitter

Only available as Topping - $1.00/order

Coconut - Shredded or Toasted

Topping - Complimentary; Cake - .50/order; Both - .50/order

Chopped Peanuts

Topping - .50/order; Cake - $1.00/order; Both - $1.25/order

Slivered Almonds

Topping - .50/order; Cake - $1.00/order; Both - $1.25/order

Chopped Nuts ...other than Peanuts; specify

Topping - $1.00/order; Cake - $1.50/order; Both - $2.25/order

Mini M&Ms

Topping - $1.00/order; Cake - $1.00/order; Both - $1.75/order

Miniature Chocolate Chips

Topping - .50/order; Cake - $1.00/order; Both - $1.25/order

Toffee Bits

Topping - .75/order; Cake - $1.00; Both - $1.50/order

Oreo Cookie Bits

Topping - .50/order; Cake - $1.00/order; Both - $1.25/order

Chocolate Ganache 'Drizzle'

Only available as Topping - $1.50/order

Signature 235 Caramel 'Drizzle'

Only available as Topping - $1.50/order

Have a Special Request?

Just ask us for a pricing quote.

Top Shelf Cupcakes

Champagne - $28

This is a very popular cupcake for weddings and anniversaries; it's flavored with actual champagne, in the cake - which is a delicious yellow cake - and in the sparkly frosting. We've been asked to make this for the Cupcake Dress option that we offer several times. It's a hit.

Cuba Libre - $28

Rum and Coke! A classic cocktail made into a cupcake. Flavored with Coke, Lime and Rum, of course! Frosted with a Rum & Coke Buttercream and garnished with a sliver of lime.

Drunken Butter Rum - $28

We use a heavy, Dark Rum to flavor this popular cupcake that we frost with a Dark Rum Buttercream as well. This is a cupcake that people like to take liberties with - requesting specific Rums be used and we're more than happy to do that for you if you'd like ...even though our 'Original' version os pretty good if you ask us!

Irish Cream - $28

This is an incredible cupcake! Signature Chocolate base cupcake filled with Irish Cream Mousse, topped with Irish Cream Ganache, frosted with an Irish Cream Signature Cupcake Frosting and then drizzled with more Irish Cream Ganache. Truly a special cupcake!

Jack Daniel's Chocolate Whiskey - $28

A strong flavor combination; our rich 'Signature' Chocolate Cupcake with a Jack Daniel's 'soak', then piped with a 'Chocolate-Jack' Hybrid Buttercream and just like that, you have a delicious cupcake featuring one of the most popular whiskeys known to man. You honestly can't go wrong with this one.

Mai Tai - $28

There's a lot going on with this cupcake! A pineapple layer goes in, then an orange/maraschino cherry layer next, when they're done we frost them with a Lime-Triple Sec-Pineapple Rum Buttercream and top them with a Cherry. A great cupcake on many levels.

Margarita - $28

A classic vacation cocktail, cupcake. Lime, Tequila ...what more do you want? Tequila 'Soak' .mmmmm. Tequila Buttercream? it! Lime zest? that too! ...even a lime wedge garnish and a sprinkle of Coarse Sea Salt! There's no fooling around with this one!

Mimosa - $28

A 'spin-off' on our champagne cupcake that we were originally working on because of a customer request. Flavored with champagne and fresh orange. Very tasty indeed!

Pina Colada - $28

Ah, Pina Coladas! ...Sun, sand, vacations ...cupcakes?! You got it! A pineapple-coconut-rum cupcake frosted with a pineapple-coconut-rum buttercream - you may need to take some extra vacation time for these guys!

Pink Champagne - $28

A similar cupcake to our standard Champagne cupcake but this one is tinted pink.

SoCo Lime - $28

A decadent chocolate cupcake flavored with Southern Comfort - just a hint though, not too strong - then frosted with a delicious ...and a bit stronger, Southern Comfort-Lime Signature Cupcake Frosting and finally, topped with a Lime Zest 'twist'. Tasty!

Strawberry Margarita - $26

Strawberries, Lime, Tequila... yep, it's all in there to make one heck of a cupcake. First, a 'Tequila-Soak' and then frosted with a Strawberry-Lime-Tequila Buttercream. No driving after you eat this one ...okay?

White Russian - $28

A delicious cupcake with a somewhat dense texture flavored with both Coffee Liquor and Vodka, then soaked with a brush of each of the same liquors and frosted with a Coffee Liquor Cupcake Frosting ...oh, and did we leave out that we garnish it with a dusting of cocoa powder? Yeah, we do ...and that kind of 'makes' the whole cupcake, you know? It just ties it all together ...and that makes us love these all the more!

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