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Sweet E's Pricing

Now, Let’s Take a Closer Look at Sweet E’s Pricing…

Just for the sake of argument, let's say you go to a local bakery

to look for the same quality and service you get with us at Sweet E's.

They may tell you that they don't cater Dessert Buffets but they can provide

you with a dessert tray that contains about 95 assorted pieces and will

cost you about $105.00.

Well, in our system their product alone would cost you about $525.00 and

wouldn't include:

...a selection of various Candy included in your Buffet Package

...Buffet Set-up and Breakdown

...Buffet Backdrops and Decoration

...Serving Utensils

...Dessert Selection Signage

...Take-away Bags or Containers Attendant to maintain your Buffet throughout your event, ensuring

it's neat, clean and fully stocked with your dessert choices

...the remainder of your desserts packaged for you to take home when

your even comes to a close

...and we haven't even mentioned the personal service and attention we

provide you throughout the entire process from the moment we

begin our initial consultation with you.

Now remember, Sweet E's is the Buffalo Region's Original Dessert Buffet Provider.

We've stayed relatively small so we can truly focus on one or two

events at at time and freshly prepare all of the items we use in your Buffet.

That way we can maintain the quality of the products that we use.

There are now other other providers in the area that are more than

willing to charge you more money for an inferior service

...who's always offered you a Full-Service Buffet?

...Sweet E's has.

A Full-Service Buffet with freshly made selections just as you've ordered and one that comes with an attendant to maintain your Buffet throughout your event.

That's why we're the best choice in Dessert Buffets.

That said, Sweet E's can offer you the Starter Menu Buffet Package,

with selections from our full range of desserts and pastries in that category

- 3 Dessert, 2 Cookie and 2 Treat Selections -

but not including any Optional Add-On Packages

for $7.75 per person.

That's not a significant amount more than the local bakery that

merely provides you with trays of desserts that you have to deal with

yourself through the course of your special event.

If you wanted to look at a bit more 'complete' Dessert Buffet

then you'd want to look at our Premium Menu Buffet Package

which includes additional selections.

- 4 Dessert, 3 Cookie and 3 Treat Selections -

from a MUCH wider range of options offered,

you'd be looking at a cost of $9.25 per person.

If you're obsessed with Cupcakes, then maybe one

of the 'Just Cupcakes' Buffet Packages is a good option for you.

There are five (5) Sub-Packages that range from $7.00 to $8.50 per person.

Finally, if you're looking for a Breakfast or Brunch Buffet Package then we can

provide that for you as well for the incredible value of $8.25 per person.

Now, if you think the Starter Menu is where you'd like to be on price

but there are one or two things you'd really like off of the Premium Menu,

then there are a few options for you.

You could...

  • Use the per person upgrade fee for that one specific item you'd like to upgrade.
    Say you want a Mini Cheesecake selection from the Starter Menu because you really don't care for the Vanilla Bean, Almond or Lemon that come with that package, you looked at the Premium Menu and saw that we offer Coconut Raspberry Swirl; for a .55 upgrade fee per person we could switch that basic selection to the one you'd prefer from the Premium Menu.

    Problem solved!

  • Or, you could add an additional Premium Menu Item to your Starter Menu. 
    As an example... you have everything that you and your fiancee want for your reception from the Starter Menu - and you're thrilled with your choices, you really think that you've got everything covered. But when you think about it, you really think your Great Aunt - who you love dearly - would enjoy Cupcake Banana Cream Pies's just her thing; well, then you could simply add on an additional Premium Menu Item for $1.00 per person upgrade fee. Aunt Mabel's happy! ...and we all know how important it is when Aunt Mabel is happy, because every family has their own 'Aunt Mabel'.

    Problem solved!

  • There's one more option for you...
    Let's say that your daughter, who's making her First Communion ...and all her friends who are coming to the party ...and all the family kids who are coming to the party as well cookies!

    Easy fix. Add the Optional Cookie Package to your Starter Menu selections for current upgrade fee which allows you to choose three more cookie selections for your buffet. That way, all the adults are happy with the amazing selection of desserts you've provided them, all the kids are absolutely giddy with the different types of cookies they can grab to munch on as they run around like little crazies ...and, you're happy that you came to us where we cater to you while we cater for you.
    Again, problem solved! 

(...with no offense meant to any Aunt Mabel's out there!)

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