Sweet E 's - Dessert Buffets
What Sweet E’s Provides
Aside from the highest quality, fully catered dessert buffets offered in the area?  ...well, in that case!
Sweet E’s offers a large selection of freshly baked desserts, nothing 
frozen or purchased from a third party; only things made personally for 
you and your special event. Everything is fully customizable, from the desserts themselves to the flavors and colors to the entire package; and 
we’re not here to pressure you either, if you want a sub-package, 
then you’ll get it, if you just want the basic package then that’s fine too. 
You choose what’s right for your special event - it's all up to you.

We also provide all of the complimentary candy included in your Dessert Buffet, 
not to mention all the backdrops and basic decoration for your table(s). 
We provide all serve ware, from platters and cake plates to Apothecary Jars 
of all shapes and sizes, along with associated serving utensils. 
We furnish a supply of ‘Take-Away’ bags or containers for your guests 
to use upon their departure so they can enjoy all of the confections 
at a later time. 

We arrive early at your venue to set up your table(s) and then stay
 throughout your event to maintain your Dessert Buffet, ensuring that it stays 
fresh and filled. We provide boxes, which we fill at the end of your event, 
for you to take home all of the remaining desserts that your guests haven’t 
already claimed for themselves.

So, in short, we'll give you the peace of mind that your entire Dessert Buffet 
is being taken care of by professionals who have practiced for years 
to master the art of pastry-craft and candy-making. 
We offer you the opportunity to have an unforgettable experience 
at your special event; so, don't hesitate, put yourself in our hands and see 
firsthand the memories that we can help create.