Sweet E 's - Dessert Buffets
So, How Does Sweet E’s Work?
Initial Consultation
We begin with an initial consultation. 
Sweet E's will always travel to meet you at a comfortable, convenient 
location where we expect to learn about you and your special event, 
we'll listen to your likes & dislikes and what - exactly - you're looking 
for from your Dessert Buffet ...and there are absolutely NO obligations
just to speak with us about what we offer and the options you have
when choosing our services, or just how the whole process 'works'.
We'll then formally go over our packages, verify the expected 
head-count and determine what could be the best 
choice for you and your special event.
Once you've decided to officially reserve your events' date, we'll
prepare a Service Agreement and expect both a copy of that 
document and a $200.00 deposit be returned to us within 
ten (10) business days.
Once we receive your deposit we begin making plans. 
We’ll contact the venue you’ve chosen for your special event and 
ensure a smooth partnership, working hand in hand throughout the 
process to make your special event a successful and memorable one. 
We’ll provide you with a personal email address which you can use 
anytime to contact us with any additional requests or questions; 
however, if you'd prefer, you can call us at any time. 
During this time, we'll confirm the selection of Backdrop(s) for your 
Dessert Buffet Table(s) and any associated decoration(s) you'd like included. 
We'll go over any signage you'd like to include on your Buffet table(s). 
We'll offer you the opportunity - if you'd like - of adding any 
additional packages to your event. 
If you feel you need to meet with us again, possibly request a
tasting of some of the items we offer or, if there is anything more that 
you feel you may need from us, that's - of course - no problem either.
Fourteen (14) days - two (2) weeks - before your event, your final
head-count* is due; upon which, we'll prepare your final invoice 
and either email or mail you a copy so you can be prepared to 
remit the remaining balance seven (7) business days 
prior to your event.

The Day of Your Special Event

We arrive at least two (2) hours early and set up the number of 
Dessert Buffet tables that you’ve chosen; we'll assemble your backdrop(s) 
if you've elected to have them, arrange the desserts, candies, 
Take Away Bags or Containers if requested and any additional 
decorations and signage that you've requested. 
Throughout your special event we ensure your Dessert Buffet is fresh, 
filled and your guests are happy and satisfied. We're there only
'in the background' unless your guests have any questions or requests 
that we can answer or help them with.
At the approximate time that your special event is scheduled to end, 
we'll begin to package all the remaining desserts for you.
We then dismantle the table(s), verify nothing has been damaged 
and ensure that the final payment has been made.
We'll then speak to a representative from your venue to ensure that 
we've taken care of anything that may be required of us 
before our departure.

*Final Head-Count is the figure submitted to your hosting venue
We recommend giving us an as accurate count as possible so we can ensure 
the proper amount of baked goods for your Special Event.