Sweet E 's - Dessert Buffets

The most wonderful time of the year brings some of the most wonderful treats and desserts of the year along with it! Choose from our delicious selection of cookies, treats and desserts made specially for the Holidays ...and don't forget, to us the holidays are 365 days every year because we make these anytime you'd like us to.

 Just a note on our Seasonal Cookies...

...in most instances our seasonal cookies are a departure from our 
traditional 'Large Format' Cookies due to the fact that, at times, some
 things just can't be executed in a 'Large Scale' ...especially when it comes to shortbread sticks and little round cookie balls and such; besides, 
here at Sweet E's, we thought to ourselves... 'do we really want to gnaw 
at one big cookie at a Christmas Party all night long?
...or do we want to try 12 small varieties?
...yep, exactly. You probably feel the same about it.

You also probably feel that at other times during the year we wish 
we could get our hands on those one or two Christmas Cookies that 
we just love ...well, you can with us!
We'll happily make any - ANY - of our seasonal cookies for you
by Special Order because we understand the 'I need that cookie' mentality.

So, whether it's because you really do 'need that cookie' or you're
having a holiday themed party at some time during the year other than 
during the holidays - um, Christmas in July?
...then reach out to us - because we can make the holiday cookies happen
whenever you'd like them!